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In Topic: CONGRATULATIONS!!! You all are champions of your disorder!

28 April 2010 - 09:41 AM

To save the moderators the work:

I think a post discussing if a difference does or does not exist between the two groups should be posted for a different thread. I would be able to answer some questions based on the data gathered from this group and our research and the information in other literature.

However, because I noticed a publication in a high impact journal (and notable not written by Dr. Simeon) that states the interest in DPD was growing and attributed it to the Internet support groups, which this happens to be the core and also the one that usually sprouts others, I was hoping that the community would have some hope in knowing that you are not going unnoticed simply by being here. It also was a way to demonstrate the hard work of the participants who took the long survey from us many years ago, and I was repeatedly asked when the publications would come out and how could it make a difference with doctors and researchers. It took forever to come out because this is just the nature of the business, and because we did it without a salary or grant, and only enough donations to help with some statistical software costs for my local computer.

I should also note that NODID is really nothing more than a few people, although relatively well-networked, who are passionate about research and not a large company.



In Topic: CONGRATULATIONS!!! You all are champions of your disorder!

27 April 2010 - 06:07 PM

Link to Articles

In Topic: CONGRATULATIONS!!! You all are champions of your disorder!

27 April 2010 - 04:59 PM

Take caution in interpreting if DPD from drug versus non-drug does go away more quickly. Think about it this way: The drug experience is usually a single or few events and then they cease. This is in contrast to trauma that is constant, such as persistent abuse or traumatic life experiences that have lasting consequences. Consequently, the drug-induced group is not experiencing or rather RE-Experiencing the trauma -- this is the most likely explanation for the difference.

Links are a few minutes away.


In Topic: Are there any people who recovered form DP/DR by using psychedelics?

27 April 2010 - 11:14 AM

I am very familiar with this study, the conference, and the groups involved. I can say that Depersonalization Disorder and other disorders are becoming increasingly considered as risks, and responsible researchers are looking at these problems. I am writing a post about the effect this web site and the research has on the entire Clinical and Research Communities as a whole.

- David Kozin

In Topic: UPDATED 5/26 - Symptoms and ?'s Answered: NODID/MSSM Studies

23 June 2009 - 05:27 PM

All we can say is that in this population of individuals that took this study, which is a large one but not as controlled as if we had a clinical setting to conduct it in, but we do see that on essentially on all measurements the drug-induced versus non-drug groups did not differ, and that both are equally as resistant to medications (in general).

These are questions to ask for a larger budget (greater than just-enough-money to buy the stat software for my group) to look at. Fortunately, ethical considerations prevent us from taking a large group of individuals and administer drugs to a specific group, administer placebos to another, keep one as a control, have a trauma w/o DP/DR group administered drugs, etc... as part of a study. So, everything has to be retro-active, but looking at it this way a more robust study, one that looked at many possible dimensions of psychopathology and reviewed medical histories of drug-induced versus non-drug groups and looked to see a pattern of similar behavior/scores/etc. in the non-drug as the drug group would suggest something, but could still not draw causality.

This is the same debate in the LSD-induced psychosis group, and even to the HPPD group although this group is much more complex with symptoms and lack of clear etiology.


Today, the broadcast e-mail went to 35,000 clinicians and researchers signed up to receive these notifications that included the following e-mail:


Also today, MEDLINE registered the article for the electronic publication (which will change to the full information when the print version comes out (1 month approx). This means that searching "depersonalization" in pubmed.org you will have this article listed as the newest article on the topic. (Well, besides a small german article looking at a shortened version of the Cambridge DP Scale, which I unfortunately can not get my hands on until my German friend d/l it for me with his access and sends it over. My library collection does not have every journal.).

- dk