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Forthcoming DPD/dreams study.

23 February 2021 - 10:07 AM



Dr Ciaunica at UCL in London is looking for people who have received a diagnosis of DPD to participate in an online study into their dreams. This would require 15 minutes of dream reports per day for 15 days. They pay 40 GBP for this. An interesting path of research, I would say. For further information she can be contacted here:   [email protected]


Further details now added below! (26.4.21)

Weather affecting DP/DR intensity.

12 August 2020 - 07:46 AM

Do different seasons affect the degree of your DP/DR symptoms? I find heatwaves take any narrow 'realness' DPD has left me with, so I have to wait them out before I can function a bit. High pressure, heat and humidity all increase my DP and DR, then I definitely improve when those weather conditions let up. Meanwhile, this sort of oppressive summer weather seems to act as a 'threat' and also the discomfort of this weather forces a physical presence which my DPD resists. I would say another exacerbating aspect of this is that everything is brighter, more stimulating to the senses on summer, and that 'overloads' my DP/DR. 

These effects are significantly difficult ('tropical' days in Britain are not ok with me) but I know the autumn/fall will be some relief.

DPD description website.

12 August 2020 - 07:22 AM

Partly to try to get what DPD/DPRD is like across to non-sufferers (as much as anyone outside of DPD could ever understand) and partly for new sufferers, I wrote a 10 page website in which I aimed to concisely describe my main experiences of DPD/DPRD. It is another site to get DPD/DPRD better known and another view. I am forever explaining it to people and medical staff, so decided to write this account, trying to optimise the limited language for DPD/DPRD. Please note, it is mostly descriptive (i.e. not advice or treatment info). There if it is useful.      https://www.describi...nalisation.com/    or https://www.deperson...iondisorder.com