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In Topic: Real vs not real

06 August 2020 - 06:54 AM

Hello, I would say that if you question what is real and extant then you know what is real and extant. In DPD I inevitably ponder the nature of reality but for me, doubting  reality is not worth the spiralling nightmare of that. Philosophising is part of an intelligent person questioning consciousness, but I would take time out from it and just want to be in this world. It is real, we are describing the same place and time. DPRD rejects it but craving it proves the value of its reality. Whatever awareness and perceptions represent, I WANT it! I just need a non-DP/DR experience of the here and now and that would be special. I generally only experience what I can imagine but I still know what is true and not. DPRD is a horrible trap but I hope you can avoid these cycles of doubt.