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In Topic: DP Job Ideas. Please contribute.

06 March 2011 - 01:39 PM

Jobs since dp:

1) Worked in a used book shop -- completely doable, even if your head is on fire.
2) Gone back to working in sales -- horrible, stressful and completely demoralizing.
3) Worked in a restaurant -- Completely doable, even enjoyable. Also, being around people all day got rid of the "blank head."
4) Gone back to an office job as a project manager -- horrible, stressful and completely demoralizing.

Obvious pattern, right? At least for my point of view, I would pick a job where you are around people all day and doesn't really require you to think too much. There's a lot to be said for jobs that are more physical in nature or even repetitive. Not sure, psychologically, why that would be, but I do know that once I start messing around with more intellectually demanding pursuits, I don't do well at all.

In Topic: mind emptiness and emotional numbing

30 December 2010 - 02:54 PM

i'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing these symptoms 24/7? i feel like a fucking zombie and it's driving me crazy. it's been about 6 months for me 24/7. i've lost interest in everything. my mind is totally blank. it's like there's nothing there. i struggle just to talk and try to avoid talking at all costs.

has anyone had these symptoms severely and they went away? it's like i've lost myself. i used to be anxious all the time. now i don't even have anxiety.
i feel like i'm not living. alien to this planet. if this is going to continue i don't see the point in living because i'm not living anyway.

I've had this for nearly eight years. For the first four years, I had the blank mind, but it subsided. The numbness has persisted, though. I understand your frustration. I felt the same way, but somehow I managed over the years to push forward.