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#623258 Got Dp/Dr at 16 years old

Posted by Findmywayhome on 11 October 2020 - 07:08 PM

Hello. Im a 16 year old male who developed Depersonalization/derealization at 16 about five weeks ago
Due to a massive panic attack due to stress. It would really make my day if someone replied with some optimistic-but realistic advice, or sympathy, or anything really.

My biggest question I have for anyone reading this is did it progressively get worse the first or the first few months you’ve developed it? Their has been days where it got considerably better but overall its been downhill. About a week ago it started exponentially getting worse. The first three weeks were relatively fine. I still managed to overcome the feeling by going to school, socializing, and i still found genuine interest in certain activities like skateboarding or movies. I could even fully forget about the feeling for at least half an hour at times. But as it progressively got worse, I slowly started to develop more anxiety, dread, and obsessive thoughts about the disorder. Now its really difficult to do anything. Today ive sat on the couch virtually the whole day. Today I also got the first panic attack since the one that triggered the episode. I feel disoriented. I have a slight lightheaded and nauseous feeling. Unless someone asks, I dont want to go in depth with my symptons of the dp/dr itself as I dont wanna trigger any negative feelings to anyone reading or to myself.

Any help or assurance would be appreciated. Thankyou.