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In Topic: Hello again. Long journey and looking for advice + QEEG results

15 September 2020 - 09:06 PM

I had my messenger open until a few months ago. I have closed it. I had some serious considerations of totally leaving this forum and have my profile deleted. The reason is being contacted by many people several times a day. In many cases using a lot of time on reply’s and explanations only to be asked the same question several times again up til 3-4.times. It stops because I stop, not because the other part stops. One gets the feeling of using time one people that in reality do not read or understand one’s reply . References in reply is often not read. A conversation can be up to 6.pages long where I felt it have been totally waste of time. So, I have had interactions with people 20-30% of the time that have been deeply frustrating I can not block them as individuals and have to close the messenger system totally. 

Thank god you replied, i totally understand because the people here are mostly desperate for answers and solutions. I never thought there will be that many people reaching for you. But overall your facts and explanation really helps us understand certain matter about our situations, etc.

In Topic: Hello again. Long journey and looking for advice + QEEG results

14 September 2020 - 05:50 AM

QEEG is a little useless because it can only measure the activity of the upper lager of the cortex. In depression and depersonalization there are like activity in lagers of the prefrontal cortex that is beneath another lager of the prefrontal cortex. So, you only get a reading of the upper part of the cortex. The QEEG shows overactivity in very large areas of the prefrontal cortex and likely also the ventrolateral prefrontal cortex. The right side of the head is also active and it is also seen in depersonalization. Locations like the right TPJ and angular gyrus is located there and likely plays a role in the derealisation aspect in depersonalization. We have similar information from brain scans. But, the question is how will you intervene with this information and where? Form the perspective of rTMS the areas found overactive might be close to 10.locations. You can not do rTMS on 10.locations but one or two. You have to find a location that is central for all the changes and you have to be able to stimulate this location. A normal rTMS coil can go deep into the brain. A deep coil can go deep. A location like the right VLPFC can only be partly stimulated with a normal coil. 2/3 are likely unaffected. So, doing a qEEG do not really solve much other than one can see the brain is not working as it should.


in a recent evaluation of all brain examinations done in depersonalization they excluded SPECT scans, PET and qEEG. The reason is likely that these examinations will be too old and the risk of errors and to diffuse data to high. 

Hey, i find you to be very resourceful and some what intelligent. Do you mind if we get to know each other for a bit, because i want to ask your opinion about some matter. Possibly DR/DP related. Cheers!