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Terrifying new symptom, very scared.

15 December 2020 - 09:54 AM


So i’ve been Dp’d for about a year and a half now and been having pretty bad health anxiety along with it. I’ve been to a bunch of doctors for all kinds of things but this last week i’ve had an mri to see if i have rheumatism in my lower back and a bloodtest to check in on a small infection i’ve been having. This is supposed to be my last round of examinations and then i’ve promised myself to let it go and just focus on therapy.

Awaiting all the results i’ve been okay but then a new symptom came up and i’ve been terrified ever since. 2 nights ago i randomly got a bout of numbness in the right side of my face. It moved around a bit from my mouth to my cheek to my jaw. I’ve always been very scared of diseases like MS and als so naturally i freaked out. It went away after a while until it happened again the next night. This time it kind of held on until the next day but i was also thinking about it a lot. I went to the doctor and she told me it’s all anxiety and probably hyperventilation. She tested my face to see if the sensations were all intact and there was nothing wrong. So even though i feel numb, i apparently don’t really experience loss of sensation. Usually I feel quite comforted. by my doctor but for some reason i can’t let this go. I’m constantly doubting if i explained it well enough or whether or not she is taking me seriously. I try not to think about it but it won’t go away fully after the second time it came up and when i think about it i just feel it even more.It just kind of varies in intensity. Sometimes it feels like a dentist anesthetic that’s wearing off, other times it’s just stiffness and tension in the corner of my upperlip or in my jaw. It feels weird sometimes when i eat and drink but i don’t actually experience any trouble with it. I do have pretty bad tension in my right shoulder and neck which i think is also not helping my case.

I was just wondering if anyone experienced this and it it goes away at some point. I’m hoping that if someone can relate i can just find a way to finally let this one go. I really want to be able to leave this health anxiety behind so it can stop ruining my life.

If you could please be mindful of your words, i am really scared.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading. Hope you are all staying safe.

Physical numbness anyone?

09 November 2020 - 11:56 AM

Hi! For the past few days i’ve been experiencing some kind of numbness in my body. predominantly my arms and legs and face. i check to see if i can still feel sensations and i have no problem with that but the feeling just feels very strange and far away. also touching things feels very odd. i went to the doctor today and she did some tests to check my ability to feel and nothing came out of it. I was relieved to hear this but now i’m home and i’m having the same numb almost tight feeling around my mouth, kind of in my upperlip. sometimes eating or drinking feels strange too but i have no trouble actually functioning. yet, i’m now doubting everything that happened at the doctor and whether or not i told her enough or properly described my symptoms. i found someone on the forum who described something similar but it was a very old post and i’m unable to reach out to them so i’m hoping someone else could relate to this. i have really bad health anxiety and next to dp i’m going through ptsd so please be thoughtful with your responses, i can be very sensitive and get anxious quite quickly.

thanks for reading if u made it this far, stay safe.

Muscle pains, hoping someone can relate

17 October 2020 - 08:15 PM

i’ve been suffering from dp and an anxiety disorder(hypochondria) for about a year now. In that year i’ve had my fair share of muscle pains but these days they are more intense and in more places at the same time. it’s in my lower back, my legs, my calfs and ankles, my ribs, my shoulders, neck and arms. Basically everywhere besides my big toe. I’ve already been to my GP and all she gives me is painkillers. In two weeks i have an appointment with a rheumatologist whose gonna take a look at me but due to my health anxiety, it’s nearly impossible to get through the day without worrying myself sick. i take oxazepam and diclofenac for pain but they can only do so much. i’ve had blood work and a bunch of tests done and besides a small infection, nothing really came out of it. I’m trying to keep going and moving but due to corona and general Depression and fear, i don’t get out much and just spend my days being terrified of my own body(hence dp) I’m hoping that someone might be able to relate to this. It would help me not to worry as much about this being a terrifying life-threatening disease, or something as life-altering as MS or ALS (which I’m completely terrified of)
I’ve already done my fair share of research in good ol’ google and i feel like fibromyalgia might be a possibility. It’s really hard to diagnose however so i’m hoping someone reads this and recognizes it!

Thanks for reading all this and i wish you all the best of luck with your own process!!

Can someone please tell me whether or not they relate to this?

04 September 2020 - 01:51 PM

hi! i’ve been suffering from dp for about a year now along with an anxiety disorder and possible ptsd. right now i’m incredibly stressed. i’m awaiting results from the hospital for some kind of infection they found in my bloodwork. It wasn’t necessarily a very high infection but ofcourse i’m still freaking out about it even though everyone around me says I’m completely fine.i will get the results in three weeks or they call me if something is terribly wrong. being that my fear revolves mostly around my health, naturally i’m constantly terrified of receiving a call. i went to my gp today to get oxazepam and i’m gonna try it for the first time tonight. hoping i can get some sleep.

as many of you have experienced , anxiety and dp comes with a ridiculous amount of symptoms that can really make you feel terrible. every symptom I experience is a trigger for me. and ofcourse today, a new one showed up and i’m hoping someone can relate.
i have constant tension in my muscles and i am seeing a physical therapist for this. however the pain has now shifted to very high up in my neck, where my head begins. along with a stiffness in my jaw. twice in the last 3 days, I experienced, almost like an attack, that i felt like i was about to faint. Or have a stroke, even though i have (thank god) absolutely no idea what that feels like. but i don’t faint or anything else i just feel really weird and lightheaded and incredibly disassociated because of this pressure on my head. it’s a really scary sensation and i feel as if it may have something to do with my neck but my anxiety is telling me otherwise. i was wondering if anyone else has experienced this or anything like it and could give me some peace of mind.

thank you for taking the time to read this!