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Need advice first time posting

31 August 2020 - 11:02 PM

Hi guys! I firstly got DP from a panic attack 2 years ago and feel like I’ve been okay at times but now I feel like I’m at my lowest. I always think that I’m going crazy and I’m going to lose my mind, it’s on my mind 24/7 and always have to check in with myself saying I’m okay and your not going crazy. I feel like me doing this isn’t allowing me to recover as I’m constantly monitoring how I feel and checking in. The scariest part of all of it is I don’t feel really anything. I feel numb. I also don’t feel hungry for the past two weeks but I’m eating but don’t feel hungry. I’ve just gave up caffeine because I really want to recover and focusing on myself. But I just feel like I’m really numb to anything even eating at times I feel like I can’t even taste the food. I constantly worry about it which probably is not helping at all. I would love some advice from all of yous on what I should do. I see a psychologist but I like to reach out to people who have the same thing!