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What medication / Treatment reduced emotional numbness for you?

09 November 2020 - 03:26 PM

Would love some answers :)

Stupid question

09 August 2020 - 10:21 AM

Hello everybody - i struggle with strong depression and comorbid DP since 3 months now. A question which very often comes to my mind is: How is it possible to not be depressed with dp ? Like.. your emotions are numbed so for me that means you can't enjoy things as you can't feel joy so as a result of that you loose interest in things because.. usually you find interest in things that bring you a result of all that because everything fails to touch your emotions - how is anybody able to live like that ? It's just a question to maybe understand my/the condition a little better ! Would be thankful for some replies !

Huge relapse ..need help !

22 July 2020 - 07:35 AM

Hello everyone, sorry for my English in advance but i'm not a native speaker.
3 month ago everything was pretty much fine..even though I went through a break-up and corona but besides that life has been good.Then over the duration of like on week i noticed i was not very motivated but i didn't worry. And suddenly DP set in alongside with a little DR but in my case it's only a severe sensitivity to sunlight and i wouldn't care if DP wasn't so strong. My symptoms:
-emotional numbness like literally no feeling for anybody or anything except the feeling of despair (I get like 3 major breakdowns a day when i feel like giving up as i don't think i will survive this and i can't stop crying)
-loss of interest in everything and everyone i used to be interested in
-loss of hunger/appetite
-rapid heartbeat .. most of the time around 110 beats per minute
-suicidal thoughts
I'm in a mental hospital since 7 weeks now and i tried venlafaxine 225 mg, then Mirtazapine 30 mg and abilify 5 mg were added. Except for sleep and the will to eat a bit at least they did nothing for me.Right now i'm strongly despaired and suicidal so i'm not allowed to leave the clinic. As the medicine didn't work they will change it soon. They gave me the choice of choosing between Wellbutrin and a tricyclic .. Right now i don't know what to choose but i seriously need some relief.
4 years ago i already suffered from the same thing but this time it's even worse..i came out of it by taking Lexapro after 6 months of various unsuccessful medicine trials and enjoyed the last couple of years to the fullest just to relapse and find myself in the same hell (still took the Lexapro at the time i relapsed).
So i know you CAN recover..but yet it seems to be a utopia and i really feel like i will stay in this state and will end up in a home for people with psychological illnesses at an age of 27.
Maybe anybody can help with the decision between Wellbutrin and an tricyclic ?
Thanks for reading and big respect to everybody who deals with this cruel illness.
Best regards