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Take Mucuna

08 August 2020 - 12:42 PM

Hey guys don't stress much take l- dopa or Mucuna 1 gram five times a week for two months, it will go away.

Definitely Check This, All things that can potentially work!

04 August 2020 - 06:49 PM

Here are my notes that I am making by analyzing everything I saw till now that might be a potential issue or solution.

Potential Threats:
Copper toxicity
Adrenal fatigue
Lyme disease
Testesterone problem
Csf fluid in brain
Check ear problem!! ***

Csf fluid leakage check up
Neurotransmitter checkup
Full body check u
Gut/stomach check up
Fmri scan
Quantic EEG scan- it studies areas of brain

Things we can do:
Smart TMS
Check for Lyme disease
Binaural beats- 3 months
Spiral hypnosis
Atropine coma therapy
Stress releasing exercises
Cycling ***
Wellbutrin (new latest)
Perfenan (poof in 3 days 2mg)
Diazepam (1 day, 5mgx 3 times)
Sports message on neck

Alpha Brain(not so important)
Sublingual B complex***
5 htp(okok)
L theanine****
Magnesium calm**
Rhodeala rosea
Fish oil (RenewLife)****
Black seed***
L-Dopa*****try(not more than 3 months in combo with DHEA)
DHEA(not more than 3months)

Check for ear problems

04 August 2020 - 06:26 PM

Guys who got dp very hard as tunnel vision, try to check your ears for problem, ear problem shit is really hardcore, many traditional doctors suspect that many people who suffer from dp might have ear problem like lebranthytis which gives anxiety, depression, out of body experience, vertigo, dizziness, check it yourself and also this

or they might have csf leak.

I think it can be burnout

27 July 2020 - 10:12 PM

Hi there, sometimes I wonder that people here saying that it stays but it is really getting better for me, i feel my DP is resulted from a burnout, (College- completed an assignment alone which had to be done by 5 people for which I slept 3 hours for 4 months, on top weed, on top no nutrition, smoking 15 cigarette per day, drinking 2-3 energy drinks on top of that doing a part time job too and also I am an international student so homesickness) and not actually a trauma or childhood abuse because my childhood was wonderful,abit unpredictable though. So maybe in my case I am getting DPDR as a symptom of Burnout that's why with time it's getting better as I am taking more rest, also for me when I wake up I don't feel so dped but when I work 5-6 hours or yea it gets worse when I don't sleep when I need to.