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MA thesis research / interview request

04 April 2020 - 09:20 AM



My name is Hollie and I am doing my MA thesis on how people with DP navigate selfhood / devise a personal identity (in the context of our capitalist society) while feeling a lack of a sense of self. I believe DP is really understudied and I have it myself so I'm keen to do more research into it. 


My MA course is based upon practice based research so I'm also creating a film on the topic (which will be less theoretical, more about raising awareness) using video and audio clips from the interviews I'm conducting. I will be pitching this to press for mental health awareness week. I work for a magazine currently so I'm pretty hopeful they will cover it. I'm also in contact with the UK charity Unreal and hoping to work with them in some way with this! 


Therefore I am looking for interviewees for the project - I would love to speak to you about your experience(s). Would anyone be willing to speak to me via zoom in the coming week? I would be endlessly grateful !!! I can send the questions over via email prior if preferred! 


Thanks so much :) 





bit of a film I made before: https://www.instagra.../p/BwC2opaACZQ/

photography work: https://hollie-williamson.format.com

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London interview request - MA project to raise awareness for DPDR

10 March 2020 - 04:23 PM

Hi there! 


My name is Hollie I'm doing my MA degree project on depersonalisation disorder, identity and contemporary culture and I'm looking to speak to people who have experienced depersonalisation :)


If anyone is based in London and would be open to speaking to me about their experiences I would be really grateful to meet for an interview! It would also be great to take some portraits to go along with the interview at the same time. 


My main aim with the project is to raise awareness (as it needs it !) and I will be pitching it to publications when complete. I've worked for (and currently work at one) a few magazines so I'm confident I'd be able to get coverage :-)  


Previous photographic and writing work so you can get an idea for the sort of work I do:




Do let me know if anyone would be so generous to lend their time - my email address is below!




E: [email protected]

I: @_hwilliamson