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#613652 How does magnesium do this !!!

Posted by Anotherguy on 30 January 2020 - 11:51 AM

Magnesium is depleted during long periods of stress so thats why everyone here see benefits just from minerals or multivitamins so same for me . Im on my way to my recovery very close just doing simple things and use the right mind pattern (hope soon for recovery story and not forget about it ) im not afraid of dp at all like many others i dont freak out when i feel dp (i used at beginning to freak out ) at first i was afraid just to drink a multivitamin I was shaking to zip it down . Relax and try also some benfotiamine (fat soluble B1 vitamin ( search about it and why they use it in hospitals after weed overdose or epilepsy. My advice use magnesium at evening with some zinc (without copper) do it for a month and my friend workout a little or just run

#611238 Year later, still completely cured: follow this advice and you'll be free...

Posted by Anotherguy on 19 December 2019 - 05:19 AM

Hello thanks fir sharing this with us . Im a nurse from a European country and i would like to have a full conversation with you (also i had dp/dr ) if you can sent me an email because im curious in the glutamate part that i think it is the same problem as yours . The main problem for me is the continue anxious state and running mind i dont have anymore dp/dr im connected with the world and my body after 1,5 year just doing changes in the glutamate part . Im waiting your reply .thank you