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#609644 need some reassurance

Posted by bleu on 24 November 2019 - 12:58 AM

That sounds like pretty classic derealization. Like you've been dropped onto another world and for some reason its 1000x more dangerous than your old one and you're constantly wondering if you're going crazy. Ever since I got dr, memories feel more like fever dreams to me. Once I'm done doing something, it feels like it didnt happen. My only advice to you, and I know this is HARD, to engage in society as much as possible. Don't isolate yourself and don't sit in your house or it will only get worse.

thank you, this is the kind of reassurance i needed. it makes me feel less like i’m going crazy. things aren’t easy and aren’t getting any easier but i’m trying my best to stay calm/grounded.

#609250 hello/is this really just dp/dr?

Posted by bleu on 18 November 2019 - 01:00 AM

hello, this is my first post but not my first time browsing this forum.

i used to deal with dp/dr back when i was in high school, but i recovered around the time of my graduation. but recently i feel like it has come back. it all started when i got into a car accident back in september and it’s just gotten worse ever since. i’ve been to the doctor a few times and at first it was just the physical pain bothering me. they said it was just whiplash but the pain hasn’t entirely gone away so it’s hard to believe that’s all it is. but anyway, these are my symptoms: people and places around me seem unfamiliar, memory is spotty... i feel detached from everyone and everything, it’s as if my vision has changed and gotten darker, when i think about past memories they feel really distant even if it was very recent or sometimes it just feels like they’re not my memories at all. now everything i look at looks strange and it’s like my brain has never seen them before... i’m questioning everything and nothing feels right, almost as if i was dropped off on another planet. my symptoms seem to only be getting worse every day and i’m not sure what to do. sorry for the rambling as i am currently anxious typing this all