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In Topic: A small survey to SSRi: Did it helps you or worsened your numbing ?

23 July 2020 - 02:09 PM

the first 4 weeks taking them were absolute hell but i chose to stick it out and i would be lying if i said they didnt help me drastically.

In Topic: For those who have relapsed

02 July 2020 - 01:46 PM

I noticed the more I recovered the more I realized that when I thought I were at 90% I was really more like 50%.

Progression is not linear. When you say “relapse” do you mean relapse in the sense that you take a mind altering substance and having a panic attack/disassociating? Feeling worse one day vs another isn’t relapsing.

My perception of DPDR is deep rooted obstructed intrusive thought patterns, so i kind of look at overcoming DPDR as an obstacle course in the sense of its not really like i progressively feel better as a whole (more linear as you stated) its more overcoming different chapters of the feelings/thoughts so when i say relapsed i had progressed pretty far in overcoming certain chapters of fears/intrusive thoughts and my "relapse" brought me back to square one in feeling like i had forgot everything i taught myself and going through the initial hell everyone goes through when they first get it.

In Topic: Feel like existence, the human experience itself is weird, feel so trapped and need help!

24 June 2020 - 11:05 PM

Not sure if it makes you feel any better and not sure if it makes me feel any better either being able to relate to someone but i can relate to everything youre saying. This last relapse i had has put me in a place youve pretty much described and its scary cause its like what feeling am i even working towards. like how will i know if ive made progress or if im even on the path to recovering when i completely cant even remember what normal or life is supposed to feel like.

In Topic: Recovered basically! Ask me anything. Sending love!

22 June 2020 - 10:20 PM

Yes I do see myself being able to say I’m 100% recovered! But I don’t think recovered necessarily equates to being exactly who you were prior to this experience, just like many other things in life that change your perspective, like a breakup or loss of some kind, etc. But don’t let that discourage you! It’s not a bad thing. Once your nervous system calms down, and your brain gets out of the scared / traumatized state, you will not feel that same fear about having changed as a person. You will feel more or less neutral about it, and maybe even that you see life more for what it actually is. And then it is up to you to build that positive, optimistic view on the world. But yeah, I totally relate to you about feeling so far gone that you don’t remember what “normal” is. But believe me, that’s just fear and anxiety that you’re experiencing. There is not some magical moment where “normal” appears and you recognize it. It’s more like, your brain adapts to a new normal, and eventually you just sort of ease back into being and operating in the world, and feel more at peace with it all. You’re not necessarily who you were before, you’re changed and matured, but by that point you don’t think of it as a scary or bad thing. You’ll be okay! Just stay strong! Hang in there! Try to let go and have faith that it’ll be okay one day. And it will. Xx

This was really well put. Appreciate you taking the time to respond and congrats on overcoming potentially one of the hardest challenges someone can go through in life in my opinion.

In Topic: Recovered basically! Ask me anything. Sending love!

22 June 2020 - 03:05 PM

I know you say basically, but do you ever see yourself eventually getting back to 100% ? one of my biggest worries is ill never see the world the same again or true normal life the same again. I know you said you wont be the same person again do you think possibility even given more time you will? The scariest part for me is i completely forgot what normal feels like so i freak out wondering if ive even gotten better cause its like i dont even know what feeling im working towards..