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In Topic: Review of brain imaging studies and dissociation published until today.

24 July 2020 - 08:47 AM

A well written, refreshing and much needed study indeed. The most important highlight perhaps being the conclusion that "dissociative processing cannot be localized to a few distinctive brain regions but rather corresponds to differential neural signatures depending on the symptom constellation." There is much talk on this forum among us about whether or not our experiences are uniform. According to this study to some extent it is true that we share similarities in our experience and accordingly in our neurophysiological alterations from before-DPD, but indeed it may be the case that we also share striking dissimilarities and peculiarities in both our experience and correspondingly our neurophysiology. Admittedly in the past I have been outspoken about the uniform experience/neurophysiology hypothesis, but in the wake of new evidence I must adjust my stance and shift my understanding. But amidst the wake of this new information, the authors of the study still uphold the uniformity and relevance of the fronto-limbic dysregulation theory—a similarity that based on current findings we do share.

In Topic: I Recovered 100% From Drug Induced Depersonalization and I Promise You Can Too!

20 June 2020 - 02:05 PM

"when you're ready, try smoking pot again"

3 years of depersonalization and thinking about smoking again. great idea lmao

i've done since getting dp, doesnt seem to affect it whatsover over the long term. 

In Topic: DP Recovery Programme:

05 June 2020 - 07:56 AM - Anyone ever bought his programme or heard anything about it?

He maintains that DP is invariably due to some childhood trauma which may be precipitated by drugs/some other traumatic event which triggers the event.

I really doubt that is the case with myself as I do truly think I had a relatively stable childhood upbringing but he states that even in such cases, the trauma lies latent in our subconscious ultimately causing the dissociative symptoms of DP.

Very hard to argue against this notion as I can't exactly prove that this supposed trauma isn't hidden can I?

Is he selling snake oil like Shaun O'Connor, whose DP Recovery Programme is nothing more than vapid self-help platitudes I could read on a calendar or the various YouTubers selling complete recovery (Shaan Kassam) provides you follow their programme or only their programme to the tee?

I'm open minded but suspicious.

I personally never tried any of these programmes. These guys (Kassam, O'Connor, Harrington) do not know any better than you or me; they are not qualified to give any sort of medical advice. From what I can tell their advice is just to get you life together, and to live life normally. Great advice in my opinion, certainly better than rotting away in your bedroom trembling in fear of symptoms, but you do not need to pay any amount of money to come to the realisations they have come to.

In Topic: DP Recovery Programme:

05 June 2020 - 07:53 AM

Jordan Hardgrave, is the best one out there. He is genuine a great guy, and preaches a different approach which is body based. Breathing techniques, muscle relaxation, exercise, live life as normal as possible. TRE (Trauma release exercises) and such. I am in his Facebook group and have his course.  He is a good guy, does not ask huge amounts of money either. I have seen that Swammy guy as well, but I don't know a lot about him.

I believe Hardgrave has benign intentions, and he is genuinely out there to help people. However, my problem with his doctrine is that it's premised on the works of Peter A. Levine and Stephen Porges. To cite Levine and Porges as "DPDR specialists" (which he outspokenly does [source]) is simply wrong for nowhere in their work do they claim to know how to treat DPDR. Their research is tailored towards trauma as an experience and the consequent repercussions such as PTSD, CPTSD etc. The real DPDR specialists are Mauricio Sierra, Daphne Simeon, Anthony David, and so on. I have never heard Hardgrave mention any of these names in any of  his videos and articles. Moreover, Hardgrave's suggestion that the techniques you have just mentioned (TRE, muscle relaxation, exercise and etc.) will ameliorate DPDR symptoms is blatantly unfounded. Techniques such as muscle relaxation have been found not to be helpful in treating DPDR [source], some studies even found that muscle relaxation lead to worsening of DPDR symptoms [source]. So all this leads me to think that Hardgrave either has done sloppy research or he finds it convenient to cite Porges and Levine for the modus of treating trauma is generally better understood than treating DPDR. 


Disregarding this scholarly confusion, I would contend that his advice to exercise, make a schedule, stick to that schedule and live life "normally" is decent. Albeit, I don't think this kind of advice is remotely surprising. To get your life together no matter your predicament is in my mind just common sense. Besides, you are probably better off reading Jung or Peterson if you want to really get your life in order.

In Topic: Modafinil Experience

18 April 2020 - 10:12 AM

"I do not condone the use of illegal or legal substances that were not perscribed, this is very stupid"


This logic in itself is very stupid, it's very easy to study and understand pharmacology while researching risks/benefits from medical journals and comparing said risks/benefits with anecdotal experiences, which I find reddit oddly useful for. Illegal means nothing, alcohol is the fourth most harmful drug period behind coke, heroin and meth, but it's legal because it's ingrained in society, meanwhile the least harmful drugs (cough, psychs) are a felony to possess. Various outright illegal drugs plus nootropics (modafinil being a very mild one) helped me FAR more than prescription medication could hope to, and I in no way am saying prescription medication is a scam or harmful or whatever, but I've done hundreds of hours of research and meds have their places, illicit substances have their places etc., generalizing is for morons.


Taking chemical compounds that may radically transform your sate of consciousness or alter the way your body functions without professional, medical assessment and supervision can go very wrong. As Where put it, many of us would not be on this forum if it was not for irresponsible drug-use. You never know how a particular chemical substance may affect you, it is therefore very stubborn to rely on your own lay judgements and self-medicate yourself. This is why I prefaced my spiel by cautioning individuals who would be as stubborn as me: if you do wish to take the risks, then be aware and at least do your own thorough research and take all necessary precautionary steps... but even in saying that, taking meds without professional supervision is not advised by any means. This isn't even conventional wisdom, just common sense.