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My story (actual easiest legit cure)

12 October 2019 - 04:31 PM

I was lost. Numb. I found God. Or should say Jesus brought me out of the darkness. Either way, simple as that. Message me if you wanna be friends. You'll probably find I'm a lot smarter than you think. I want to help some of you heal. Add me on Facebook if you want down the track. Let's remove those labels and deconstruct what is really going on with you! Otherwise I advise seeing a really good psych. Also perhaps "DDD" is a combination of freeze/playing possum (well that is fact) but also fawn (appeasing to abuser is emotionally draining) of the list of stress responses we have. My dog is awesome HMU! Also got some really good songs that are very specific about this sort of sadness and worry. Thanks for reading. And remember this whole label of depersonalisation is super standard in everyone. Read up dissociation in the workplace. Also check out 'personalisation' (anxiety) haha, flip side! This website could probably benefit just by being renamed "emotionally numb forums" but I suppose people would find it unappealing because they don't really understand feelings anyway.