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08 October 2019 - 01:22 PM

Thanks for sharing, congrats on your recovery! What specifically helped you turn the corner? Therapy, medication, lifestyle etc Thank you smile.png



How did you manage to get this far? And congratulations. Good job


Thank you.


It was definitely a combination of things and everyone has their own path they need to find.


Some big factors for me personally were quitting medication (as well as doctors in general) and drugs with the exception of alchohol in mostly responsible amounts. Removing myself from harmful situations\relationships and establishing healthy boundaries in relationships worth maintaining. Coming to terms with what I had been through and how it shaped my personality, and then deciding what I wanted to change about myself after I realized I was in full control of my future. I also put more effort into cooking healthy food (home cooked if not healthy) and exercising. I had been to a variety of therapist and though perhaps I learned some valuable things from them, it wasn't part of my breakthrough.


That's what I did, but it was how I did it that was so challenging. Drug and medication withdrawal was a nightmare. Attempting to get my mother to understand my story/feelings was a battle that I've eventually gave up because I know it's too much for her to understand and it doesn't serve much purpose keeping it front of mind. My father and siblings weren't supportive, but I was a thousand miles away from everyone anyway and I needed to learn to stand on my own. That isn't to say that there weren't many times in which family had a positive impact. In regards to childhood trauma, it was allowing myself to feel the emotions I suppressed and to understand I just didn't possess the skills and I needed to cope at that age and thus I developed some destructive behaviors.


When I became able to truly choose my own direction in life, I felt like myself. I became connected to my past memories and knew what I wanted my future to look like. After I was happy with who had I become and where I was going, I dove into the world of dating and there's been no looking back.