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#618782 psychological model of a cognitive or mental human process in normal and dysf...

Posted by RunToMe on 18 June 2020 - 09:31 AM

You can find involuntarily inner or intereoceptive processes in many aspects of an organism or human being (sleeping, heartbeat, breathing and so on).  That is the same for dp topics in solipsism, perception, emotions, moving and more you can imagine. A trigger (trauma, weed...) makes a suddenly interruption in that normally unconscious fixed unit which starting in vulnerable persons the vicious circle of anxiety and perpetuate it so deploy a alienation to your own self, to people or environment because those functions are disturbed due to give not needed attention


The brain is a high economic system (for all nerve cells actions a lot of oxygen  and energy etc is needed) so all repetitive mental processes are going on, will quick automated or gets unconsious. That means that your thoughts still working unconscious and you only recognize conscious your metabolism and your (in that case most negativ or emotional numbed) emotions . After automated thoughts it is difficult to make the link to metabolism and emotions.


An abstract or formalized scheme aforementioned developed in cognitive behavious therapy (cbt) is the S-O - R - K- C-scheme and the A-B-C-D-E- scheme:


S (Stimuli)

O (organism included schedule cognition/thoughts - metabolism - emotions)

R (reaction or behaviour, goes back to organism in metaprocessing)

K (contingency)

c (consequences, goes back in metaprocessing)


A (action)

B (believe; organism with cognition/thoughts - metabolism - emotions)

C (consequences or behaviour, goes back to organism in metaprocessing)

D ( inner debate)

E ( effects like conclusions you do, goes back to organism in metaprocessing)

Sure a better and more effective way than the "brooding chair" is to lower the anxious circle of thoughts, worrying or anxiety in the way you begin a so called "angel circle" of positive thinking, which changes your negative belief sooner or later. With the angel circle you can start the possibility of a normal, well being functioning again, because it will be automated as quick as the viscious circle. This works quicker and better when you get the same conviction as you have/had it in the starting of the viscious cycle, which is proven in accompanying strong anxiety/ panic attacks.

Even when you dont feel or not to be convicted in that moment, you should start a angel circle of positive thinking and affirmations in the way you start an inner dialog or even say it loud to you ("i will improve", "i can do positive things meanwile my disorder ", "i have self-efficacy", i can distract, things will change, in doing things i can get pleasure back, my body works well without my attention, i am safety and so on). You find a lot of books of affirmations with countless examples you can use everday, every hour or every minute.Beside that you can hang up your chosen affirmations in papers at the wall in your room.
So the process of automation is a fact, it only works slowly or quicker (depends from your positive belief; unfortunalety you are now in force of strong worrying and anxiety, whereby your positive beliefs at first is less), but it works and your worrying and anxiety will fade out.
Finally an example for the quick process of automation (sure much simpler) :
All which have a driver license, may remember the first hour of learning driving and to shift gears, knows how laborious and how much consciousness is necessary for that. Already after a few repetitions you get caught that you are in a high gear without knowing how you have done it, because it was fast automated respective slipped into the subconscious. And it goes so quick because you had the belief "i can do it" unwritten.


#618768 How to fix disconnection from sleep?

Posted by RunToMe on 18 June 2020 - 05:30 AM

Yes, i can relate to this. i know how do feel. Do you have it either taking sleeping asscociated antidepressants or sleeping pills ?

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#616900 i dont know how and where to go

Posted by RunToMe on 09 April 2020 - 11:53 AM

i am nearly constantly for 16 months in this hell of emotional numbness and insomnia...and i dont know what to do...i stayed in three clinics tried meds, rtms, hypnosis, talk therapy, ostheopathy, gobuli and even energetic healing...i lost my work as a psychotherapist and now i am unemployment. to cover my hell i drink i need a new perspective...have anyone an idea...before my crisis i made a lot of sports in studios, hiking and anybody like me especially in europe in this helplessness and looks for a new aim...maybe we can find ourselves when we hike for weeks through the alps or cycling through europe or to america...and help us each others...even its not probably, maybe someone looks for such ways to face this hell...i wish all of you the best to find yourself again

#607690 Insomnia and dont get tired

Posted by RunToMe on 13 October 2019 - 01:10 AM



i have insomnia and i did not get tired even when i dont sleep over 2-3 nights. Even sleeping pills dont work anymore. Has/Had somebody the same problems ? And what helped.

#601714 Do I have Depersonalization? I Just Don't Feel ANY Emotion Ever...

Posted by RunToMe on 02 June 2019 - 12:29 PM

Hello Kind Of Faith,


can you sleep at least ? I cant get no sleep at all. After two nights without sleeping i get maybe after a sleepimg pill 4 hours in the third night. Its horrible. Best Wishes RunTome

#601704 Do I have Depersonalization? I Just Don't Feel ANY Emotion Ever...

Posted by RunToMe on 02 June 2019 - 08:44 AM

Hello again,


and i want to say, that you are at an age, where people have to find there identity and their feelings. I had a time when i was at the age of 12 where i had less emotions caused by trauma and psychopharmakas. After 2 years i came better and i developed the full range of feelings. That is maybe your advantage. Your brain will take a lot of changes in puberty. Maybe hope. I am now 51 and my brain  has eventually not the ability to change again. Kind regards RunToMe

#601692 Do I have Depersonalization? I Just Don't Feel ANY Emotion Ever...

Posted by RunToMe on 02 June 2019 - 03:48 AM

Hello Keep The Faith,


i am from germany and i am in the same desperate state like you. It started five months ago after my ex-girlfriend slipped me weed muffins under. After that one week later i developed 24/7 an emotional numbing and partially physically numbing (no tiredness, no hunger or appetite, sleepless...). Now i am struggling like you not to commit suicide. I can´t give you relief for the moment, but maybe we can have contact to support each other. When you interested in i give you my email-adress. Greetings from RunToMe