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Sleep Problems

06 July 2019 - 06:21 PM

Hi everyone,

Since I started having dpdr ( it all started in early 2017) my sleeping has not been the greatest. At the beginning, when I had panic attacks I was scarred to fall asleep. I felt like I was falling in a hole, and I had those weird thoughts about existence and death. I would ask myself what if I close my eyes and then I wont wake up? After a while, I took Prozac which helped me to calm my weird thoughts and I was able to fall asleep without being scarred. One year later, I stopped Prozac (I went cold turkey and it was on 20 mg), which was not the best idea. After 2 weeks or so I had the biggest depression, I felt like I had destroyed my life. I would cry and think that I cant get out of this dpdr. Anyway, after a few months -December 2018 I started to have insomnia which made my dp/dr worse. I usually sleep 6h on the weekdays and on the weekend i sleep longer. I find that when I oversleep it makes my dpdr worse.
Does anybody else experience the same? How is your sleeping with dpdr? How do you guys deal with this?

DP/DR anxiety sufferer

03 July 2019 - 05:10 PM

Hello everyone,
Im new to this forum and it is my first post.
I have been suffering from Dp/dr already 2 years..I remember the day like it was yesterday.And since I feel like im not normal..
I tried telling my bf, my friends, family and I feel like they dont quite understand this situation.
I guess like everybody else, I started to look for answers online because I wasnt sure what was wrong with me, I couldnt understand what is happening and why. Also I wanted to see if its common, do other ppl have the same problem as me, etc I thought I was going crazy , that I was losing control of my thoughts and going to die at some point. It was really scarry.
I realized there many people like me, so I started to have a bit of hope...I have read many stories about ppl getting through this, some others still suffering but Im certain we can beat this dpdr together :)