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#605248 Is this serious ??

Posted by Lolla_ on 22 August 2019 - 04:17 PM

Thats how i felt when I first experienced severe dpdr. I remember those feelings and emotions. I felt so lost , I was devastated cuz I didnt know what to do. I felt hopeless and alone. Not my bf nor my family would understand what I was going through. I tried looking for psychiatrists cuz I believed it was a severe mental disorder but i gave up on it- its so complicated here to get a psychiatrist . Even my familt doctor wouldnt understand. I did and redid my blood tests, ctscan, everythinf came normal.
I remember walking to work or going anywhere, Id be soo scarred, Id feel that im going to faint on the street. Also my vision was so weird, as if i was seeing through a glass. Im not sure if you have the same.. I literally would run home cuz thats where i would feel safe and iwouldnt have the dpdr attacks. While taking metro/buses i would close my eyes cuz i was just terrified of looking anywhere, the surrounding was so unreal- i thought i was losing it. I couldnt even explain to others what i feel.
At night when i would try to fall asleep, my thoughts were running like crazy in my mind, I thought i was in alice in wonderland. I would like im fallin through an invisible hole somewhere so i would open my eyes and hear my heart beat, i was afraid to fall asleep.
I have never felt like this before but after doing so much research, I came to a conclusion that it has to be anxiety that has caused this. With insomnia it made things worse. The most important thing is to believe that this is just a temporary state, and it ll eventually go away. Keep telling your mind its normal and that u hust having anxiety and it ll go away. Its hard but u must convince urself. If you going to think its more severe you will make your anxiety much worse and it be a vicious cycle.
Once anxiety levels are lower, the dpdr will start to fade away. you gotta stay positive!

#603428 To the people who have recovered. I need hope

Posted by Lolla_ on 09 July 2019 - 10:19 PM

Ive been suffering from dp 2 years now.. At some point I thought i lost my mind.. but then I would have days where I actually felt somehow normal. I do feel worse when I dont sleep well, like less than 6h or when I oversleep, or when I go through stressful situation( work deadlines, travel etc) then I get anxious and those weird thoughts come back, I feel depressed and I just feel hopeless.
I only took one kind of antidepressant (for about a year) but then stopped abruptly which wasnt the greatest idea but anyway since then i didnt take any. I believe we can heal ourselves naturally. What I did actually is just tried to eat healthier, limited sugar, coffee (i do drink coffee from times to times but not everyday), I drink lots of herbal teas to calm my mind and exercise- I try to go to gym 2-3 times(cardio classes). I used to do 2h yoga every week before, I find it helps alot. I try my best, I still have anxiety and anxious/weird thoughts, sadness sometimes but I can tell you its getting better.If I compare myself from 2 years ago I was in worse shape, I used to have panic attacks I couldnt calm myself but now.. no panic attacks. I believe our minds are too tired from this anxiety and we need rest. I know this healing process will take time, just we need to be patient and not give up!

#603202 DP/DR anxiety sufferer

Posted by Lolla_ on 03 July 2019 - 05:10 PM

Hello everyone,
Im new to this forum and it is my first post.
I have been suffering from Dp/dr already 2 years..I remember the day like it was yesterday.And since I feel like im not normal..
I tried telling my bf, my friends, family and I feel like they dont quite understand this situation.
I guess like everybody else, I started to look for answers online because I wasnt sure what was wrong with me, I couldnt understand what is happening and why. Also I wanted to see if its common, do other ppl have the same problem as me, etc I thought I was going crazy , that I was losing control of my thoughts and going to die at some point. It was really scarry.
I realized there many people like me, so I started to have a bit of hope...I have read many stories about ppl getting through this, some others still suffering but Im certain we can beat this dpdr together :)