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In Topic: I suffered with severe DP/DR for a long time. I got over it. I want to help others struggling.

28 October 2019 - 08:59 AM

First of all, congrats on being recovered!! 

What an amazing post. There hasn't been a post like this for a long time, so thank you for using your precious time. 


I'v been dp'd for about 2 years now and I'v had better and worse times. In retrospect i think the best times were when I started dating again, forcing myself to be with friends (So NOT isolating). 

Right now I'm in a very rough patch again, but reading this just reinforces the believe that socializing and just LIVING is the way to recover or atleast make things MUCH better. 


I also believe that dpdr is a combination of severe anxiety and OCD. Sometimes I can feel better but because of recurring obsessive thoughts I can slip back into a depressive state within seconds. So staying inside that positieve mindset flow is so important. 


Again, thank you for making this post! I'm gonna try my best to start seeing friends again and making socializing a top priority. 

In Topic: Redbull

06 October 2019 - 03:57 AM

You are probably on the mild spectrum of dpdr, or your dpdr is not related to anxiety.


For me any form of caffeine = dpdr on steroids, and its already unbearable during baseline. 


Not sure why you would keep drinking Redbull in times of recovery, its so bad for you. Especially if you feel like you are having "OCD thoughts". 


But hey, whatever floats your boat. 

In Topic: Methylphenidate.

04 October 2019 - 05:35 AM

I tried several forms of ADHD medication (I have recently been diagnosed with ADHD). 


Adderall: Just made me feel on edge. 

Instant release Methyphenidate: Made me feel euphoric, gave me energy, focused and alleviated my symptoms a bit (My thoughts were flowing nicely and felt a bit more connected to myself and my surroundings). It was a low dose though, I think 5mg or something. I'm willing to try this a bit more in the future when I feel more stable. 

Extended release Methyphenidate (Equasym): Same effects as above but way smoother. The come up felt a lot better and more natural and also the comedown felt better. I used L-tyrosine to ease the comedown even more. 


The only downside to this medication is that (for me) it felt like a double edged sword. It relieved my symptoms allot but it also made my anxiety worse sometimes. The energy I got from Methylphenidate feels very artifical and it made me feel like I was on regular 'amfetamines' sometimes. Also the comedown is not nice, it made me feel extra depressed and disconnected when it wears off (but that could also be the contrast between feeling 'good' and feeling baseline shit again). 


So yeah, just give it a short and let us know what you think of it!!

In Topic: help with parents

04 October 2019 - 05:23 AM

Pasha, you have been flooding this forum for about 7-8 consecutive days now. Everyone here has been telling you that you are suffering from severe anxiety. No psychotic stuff or anything else besides ANXIETY. Anxiety gives you the feeling of going crazy, but you are not, okay? Now if you don't trust us, then seek medical support from a professional, because no matter what we say, you keep refering to psychosis or other stuff you DON'T HAVE. 


Don't get me wrong, we wanna help you out, but for us to help you, you got to atleast start trusting us and start listening.. I feel for you, because having this much anxiety is horrible, It might even be worse then being psychotic because then atleast you won't know something is wrong (and medication will get you out of a psychosis fast). 


What I would suggest (and this is sololy my opinion) is for you to go see a professional and ask for something that can calm you down (maybe a short term benzo, don't make the mistake that I did and take it long term). You're anxiety seems out of control and I think taking something that relaxes you can give you some time to think rationally and figure out what next steps to take. 


Take care and stay safe. 

In Topic: help

01 October 2019 - 04:52 AM

Hmm yes, talking to a professional can help calm you down. They give some reassurance that things will be okay and that they have seen similar cases which turned out fine eventually (some cases even far far worse).

What happened Psyborg? I thought you were doing better? Well, be at ease with the fact that dpdr fluctuates in severity. I'v had episodes where I couldnt possibly imagine to feel even slightly better, and all of a sudden I feel "better" when I don't even expect it. But I think you already know that as it seems you are going through horrible episodes aswell.