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#494458 No Fap 30 Day Challenge

Posted by Unknown88 on 05 September 2017 - 01:17 AM

I just want to suggest something for everyone here to try. 


Go 30 days without Masturbating, Watching Porn, or Orgasming. 


Pay attention to how your energy, mental clarity, memory, and sense of self increases.


Today is day 30 No Fap for me and honestly its been huge. Semen is the life force energy of our body and it gives us our vitality. 


Check out youtube for benefits on No Fap.. A lot of people report gaining "Super Powers" while doing it. Haha



But honestly, I'm sending this challenge out to you guys to just Not masturbate, not watch porn and not orgasm for 30 days.


When you get to thirty days reevaluate how you feel and the improvements and decide what to do from there.


But me myself personally, I cant see myself ever going back to masturbating.


You're gonna have to fill the void when cravings to fap off come up, in those moments I suggest Meditation, Yoga, Watch videos on No Fap on youtube for inspiration. Work out, exercise... 



Just please do this people, I promise you will see new vitality within you. 



Good Luck and Peace to all.