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#628340 Anyone notice anything different with diet?

Posted by Phantasm on 12 January 2021 - 08:33 PM

Some food substances, like gluten and lactose, can cross the blood/brain barrier, causing inflammation and symptoms like brain-fog and congestion, so it can be a contributor.


I have a recipe book from the seventies about a wheat and dairy free diet for schizophrenics, so it's been known a long time.


If you don't have these issues, sugar isn't good either, but lots of greens for your gut will always help. They say we have a second brain in our gut.


Depends how sensitive you are, I guess. I'm sensitive to diet.

#628104 Exposure just doesn’t work?

Posted by Phantasm on 02 January 2021 - 11:12 PM

I think it has to come from you, like if it's your movement in your recovery, your choice, then that's good, but if you are not ready or if it's pushed on you, then it's not good.

#628018 this forum was a couple of years ago much more positive

Posted by Phantasm on 30 December 2020 - 01:35 AM

i just readed old posts from 2008-2014, and i figured out, that community was much more positive. the people were much more kind to each other.


Ah, man, you don't know the half of it...

#628016 CURE

Posted by Phantasm on 29 December 2020 - 10:16 PM

The first time I quit this site ten years ago was because a bully who said he was recovered was all over the site, calling people cowards, telling them to face their fears, and even blaming a cancer survivor for her own illness.


Compared to that, a person being a bit zealous on their own thread is really nothing. But I appreciate many here don't have that perspective.


When I came back, I found things had gone too far the other way, with nasty attacks on recovery stories as standard just because someone didn't like one word or phrase they had used, which had become toxic and was creating a hostile environment. Maybe a few of them deserved it, but most of them didn't.


Just wanted to give an idea of where I was coming from.

#628014 How to keep yourself sane in times of emotional numbness

Posted by Phantasm on 29 December 2020 - 09:51 PM

Hello fellow sufferers,
i'm going through a very tough time.
Since May i suffer from severe emotional numbness..the only emotion i experience is despair about my current situation.
I'm very suicidal and currently in a psych ward so i'm safe there. As far as i don't get stimulated with anything atm i struggle massively with distracting myself and i seriously see no way out of this situation. I know there is many people here with emo. numbness so maybe you could give me some advice on how to cope to distract yourself and get the thoughts of hopelessness and suicide out of your head. That would be great.. thanks a lot in advance !


This is just something that came back to me, as I was doing my usual thing of trying to impress some improvement upon myself. I remembered a saying I used to use, "It's okay to feel this way."


It's about how there can be no conflict if there is no opposition. You can just sit quietly with this thought and sometimes things like emotional blocks wash over you. 


I also had this thought to myself, "you're not listening!" 


I always think I'm listening to myself, but I rarely am, except with hostility, which doesn't help. Again, I sit quietly with myself and try to listen without expectation or agenda.


I guess these are both exercises in self-acceptance which just came to mind.  

#627908 One finger Zen

Posted by Phantasm on 25 December 2020 - 07:45 AM



Something I've been doing lately is this position, not low in the horse-rider stance like the poseur here, but in a more upright position where arms and legs tire at the same pace. You can start with your feet shoulder-width apart and adjust, hold the arms forward and fingers in one finger zen. Knees bent, gently sinking into a standing-seating position, completely relax. A couple of minutes twice a day.


I swear it feels like it's toning my nervous system.


In Chi-kung this is called The Golden Bridge.

#627364 How can this possibly be real?

Posted by Phantasm on 03 December 2020 - 10:46 PM

 "We are not our thoughts"

#627352 How can this possibly be real?

Posted by Phantasm on 03 December 2020 - 05:57 PM

I pretty much accepted it as soon as it started. I went from being raised as an Atheist to a Believer that there is something "more" in life. Didn't know what it was, just knew there was "something".


This reminds me of a quote I once read by singer Suggs (Madness) when asked if he believed in God. He said, "I believe in something, but I don't know what it is," and that's always been my answer since! smile.png

#620850 Take Mucuna

Posted by Phantasm on 23 August 2020 - 02:32 AM

I bought a sample pack of mucuna pruriens after reading this, and it's pretty good. Best supplement I've tried since glycine for calming my body and mind.


Thanks :)

#620756 Has a switch flipped in my brain?

Posted by Phantasm on 21 August 2020 - 07:23 AM

That's great, Maddy. A lot of people do say that as their dissociation goes they can find it a bit freaky, and I think that's not surprising if someone has spent a long time in that bubble and finds themselves connecting directly with the world again!


I remember some of the advice was not to try to manage or question it, to accept it and carry on as normal, not to try using any coping mechanisms and just give yourself time to adjust :)

#619652 Back after a year! Sobering up. How is everyone?

Posted by Phantasm on 18 July 2020 - 11:33 AM

Good luck with it all :) Sadly a lot of people with mental health issues self-medicate as it can be such a hard thing to deal with, but that's great you are taking positive steps for your health. 

#619094 Buddha and Acceptance

Posted by Phantasm on 30 June 2020 - 07:09 PM

Herman Hesse wrote Siddartha. The central message that Siddhartha learns is that experience, rather than avoiding certain things in the “real world”, leads to understanding;

rather than desires and belongings being a distraction, they are as important to our perception of the world as all other actions and thought.

Siddartha fulfilled his desires en-route to spiritual nirvana, proving that there is more than one way to skin Buddha's cat.


I've read a couple of books by Herman Hesse, Steppenwolf and The Glass Bead Game, and got a sense of his idea of Buddhism, but he was a novelist.


This is from the Dhammapada:


And yet it is not good conduct

That helps you upon the way

Nor ritual, nor book learning,

Nor withdrawal into the self,

Nor deep meditations.

None of these things confers mastery or joy.


O seeker!

Rely on nothing

Until you want nothing.

#619010 Buddha and Acceptance

Posted by Phantasm on 26 June 2020 - 02:09 PM

Watched a documentary about Buddha the other night (BBC, Bettany Hughes). Found it inspiring so dug out my old copy of the Dhammapada.


One of his core teachings was that desire is the root of all suffering.


On this site acceptance is an idea often referred to as important in recovery. It occurred to me that these things are the same. "Want nothing," is the same as accepting.


Just a thought.

#617124 2 foods that help me a bit with anxiety and blurry vision

Posted by Phantasm on 15 April 2020 - 11:49 PM

I like peanut butter, read that people who eat it regularly have less heart problems


Love Brussels sprouts, but can only get them seasonally.

#616616 I have a question for the people who are recovering/recovered

Posted by Phantasm on 31 March 2020 - 08:02 PM

Yep, definite signs of recovery :)


There's a saying that when will and imagination are in conflict imagination always wins. Further, using force of will can create a sense of deficit. That you're dreaming of being well is good. You can reinforce this with suggestions like, "how does it feel being fully recovered?" For me, asking questions about what it feels like to have no problems works best as direction to the subconscious, and I think it needs it because it's very direct. We maintain states by dwelling on them obsessively, so let's pick a good one.


Dream well :)