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Is this normal for dp/dr

17 July 2017 - 02:18 AM

I feel like im genuinely not here, i have good days were its not as terrible but still bad and usually this last for a few weeks were i will feel okay, still depersonalised/derealised but its like the change in my attitude makes it better, then something will set it off and ill be back with another intrusive thought that i will never get better, what set me off this time was a weird false awakening dream loop i had, i kept waking up in dreams and not sure if was truly awake (which i wasnt) but it made me scared in my dreams that my dp/dr was worse, then when i finally woke up i was scared that i wasnt awake, then that day i went to my grandma and grandpas house and they are getting old and deteriating and my grandma is on lots of medication for anxiety and stuff and shes now seeing people that arent there which scared me and made me think that would happen to me, and now my brother is back in the hospital as he is a alcoholic (his been in and out of rehabs and hospitals for years) and its like when will i catch a break, im so scared i feel like ill never feel normal again, my memory can be really bad some days and i feel like my brain in asleep, i dont know what to do is this normal to go in and out of bad moments in the recovery process, im trying to go to my job and be strong and act normal but its so difficult sometimes, why do i feel like im not here why do i feel like my brain isnt working, sorry if this is all over the place but thats how im feeling so yeah.

DP/DR Meet up in Melbourne

14 June 2017 - 08:33 AM

I would love to do a meetup with people from melbourne who have dp/dr, im not sure if alot of users live in Melbourne or even Australia but i would love to meet some people with this and help and support eachother!


Does the pane of glass feeling ever go?

14 June 2017 - 08:18 AM

I have had dp/dr mostly dr for 5 years, i would say i was almost cured but recently have fallen even further now to dp which is new and scary, but with my dr this pane of glass feeling in my eyes as if visually the world is not right and looks funny, does that ever go? because for 5 years it has not gone once 

Read something on here and now my OCD has triggered

10 May 2017 - 03:33 AM

So basically I have OCD intrusive thoughts as well as dp/dr, I read something on here and now my ocd is going a bit nuts, basically I'm stressing that it will happen to me, someone said there whole vision would change like they would walk into there room and suddenly be in a forest, I know this is not dp as I have never experienced this and never heard about it but now I'm freaking out that this will happen to me, could I please have some reassurance that this won't. Ive come to the conclusion I will not be looking about anymore stories and only be messaging people because my ocd is at its peak right now and just adding to my stress

Is dp/dr ever permanent?

05 May 2017 - 02:48 AM

Im terrified that this feeling will be permanent, I have had it for 5 years 24-7 I managed it well for 2 years straight and was really happy but since doing speed a couple times I fell back in and worse with my new symptom (mind fog) and now Im really scared it will be this bad forever or I've permanently made myself have dp/dr, is there hope? I'm so scared :(

Please no negative comments, Im really sensitive right now