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In Topic: Recovery from severe DR.

18 September 2017 - 07:11 AM

whats your opinion on a full time job, im struggling right now with is but i also think the fact so many people say its to much for people with dp/dr is playing a part in why i get so stressed, but my job is very full on and im scared i will lose my job to this

In Topic: Working and depersonlization

13 September 2017 - 09:44 PM

Im currently doing a traineeship at a school for autism, it is full time 8:30 start to 3:30 and 4:30 on wednesdays, im finding it extremely difficult and cant seem to do a whole week of work only a few times, im trying so hard to get out of this bad place and my biggest fear is to be not working again and thinking about this disorder all day, i want to succeed and i dont want to dissapoint myself again but i dont know how to juggle full time work and recovery, another thing that makes it difficult is the room i am in, i have the hardest room in the school all the children are low functioning with lots of behaviours which keeps me distracted but also adds so much stress i end up breaking down to my mum some nights or starting fights with my boyfriend sometimes, i dont know if this is right for me but i dont feel like i have any other options. 

In Topic: The Ultimate List of DP Causes

19 July 2017 - 04:14 AM

what do you mean by dp as a symptom not the disorder? I have the disorder (constant 24-7 for 6 years) has been better at times though, would none of this count for me? 

In Topic: Is this normal for dp/dr

19 July 2017 - 04:12 AM

Thank you so much for that you really made me feel understood, my boyfriend is amazing and i talk to him about all my dp/dr issues, i have had this for 6 years and have almost recovered, i was doing really well and the only symptom i had was the pain of glass feeling but when me and my ex broke up (my current bf) we have been pretty on and off, because of me being scared to commit. I went out and partied alot and got peer pressured into drugs, i was terrified and didnt want to make my dp worse but did it a handful of times because it didnt make it worse straight away but the last time i did and will ever touch drugs again it brought me back to square one if not worse this time around, i also suffer with ocd intrusive thoughts which doesnt make things easier. Im seeing a pyschologist now who is really helping and im back with my boyfriend which is the best decision i have ever made, he is my one true happiness and i believe i will get better, the brain fog is probably the scariest part because i feel off and dumb, as you said my memory is fucked and my concentration is even worse. But i do believe i will get better, if you ever want to chat you can message me! 

Maddy xx

In Topic: Injection that can reduce anxiety and depersonalization

03 July 2017 - 05:14 AM

He only had it for nearly a year. There has been done several investigations into the CNS of DP patients. It is likely to be a disorder at CNS level with both disruptions in the sympathetic and para-sympatric systems. PTSD is for 80% of those who have it a sympathetic disorder. 20% of them have a dissociative/para-sympathic subtype with DP symptoms.


I don´t think DP will go away just sudden. It is a delusion related to the sudden outset of the state that it will also go away sudden. But, the disorder didn´t become chronic at the sudden outset but by the panic, high stress levels for months after. That response made the chronic state and made some imbalances in the CNS. With SGB you try to stop the overactivity of the sympathetic system and it might take the disorder in some but in the majority is will open up for more flexibility for changes that was not there before. The CNS has to reset itself.

So what does that last bit of what you said exactly mean? That it will open up for more flexibility for changes that was not there before?