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In Topic: Dissociation from mental illness itself?

Yesterday, 02:46 PM

I think anything that causes someone stress can be a trigger for dissociation. Though i am not saying stress alone is the only trigger. I have definently had extreme bouts of depression and anxiety that werent based on any events in particular that i dissociated from (involuntarily) because the feelings were too extreme. I think the main thing that causes dissociation in my personal opinion is a fear of the uncertain or mysterious aspects of life or of a persons experiances.

I definitely agree that fear of uncertaint makes me freak out. If it seems like there isn't a logical explanation for something and that it's magic, I can't deal with it. This is because before all this, I was so certain of my belief that everything had a logical explanation.

For example the problem I've had with this dream premonition thing and all the details surrounding it. I had a dream, something from it then appeared the next day, next night I dream, next morning something from that dream appears. A few weeks later, I started ruminating how that was too weird to be true. Shortly after I have another dream, next morning something from that appears, then I dream the next night, next morning something from that appears.

I just can't get any rest from intricate little seemingly illogical things like this happening. I go round and round thinking how this can happen two nights in a row on two separate occasions, the second being after I've thought about it. It means that despite all the other evidence for this being the real world, I can't believe that because I can't find an answer to this one conundrum which I feel I believe. This is what I mean by saying dissociation from the belief it is mental illness etc: because I don't have a strong feeling towards the evidence being true despite it being there as proof this could be the real world.


In Topic: Dissociation from mental illness itself?

25 October 2020 - 04:59 PM

I see what you're saying now. The problem is when I've asked for that sort of thing in the past, it has always been refused. And even if it were allowed, the crux for me is still the fact that I still think this all might not be real and some impossible dream or something. So it might not matter anyway cos I'm not sure this is mental illness, it might be something else. I don't have any connection to the idea it might be mental illness. See my conundrum?

In Topic: Dissociation from mental illness itself?

23 October 2020 - 06:35 PM

So what you are saying is...that there is an answer that I haven't discovered yet? Or that whatever is happening to me is causing me to think this way?

I had to read between the lines a little so sorry if I've misinterpreted you.

In Topic: Am I making things appear?

17 April 2020 - 09:41 AM

can you give an example ? 
is it something like " man where is the remote control I cant find it " and then you suddenly find it ? 
I dont get it

OK examples:

A pair of trainers that were discontinued a number of years ago which I thought about were re-released shortly after.

A shop used to sell these great flapjacks but got rid of them years ago. I thought about how them and how I wanted one, they appeared again shortly after.

After these examples and more I started coming up with things that I remembered which hadn't returned to reassure myself, one of them were these Twix biscuits in 3 layers which literally haven't been around for 20 years in the UK... Shortly after they were back in the shops.

Hopefully that explains things better. As I said you'd think this would be great, but not when you're worried this isn't the real world and this becomes evidence.

In Topic: Am I making things appear?

17 April 2020 - 09:33 AM

This is an intellectual challenge.  Can you make things appear?  The answer is no. It's just impossible.  You may "feel" that you
can, but you "know" you cannot.  You might "feel" you have answered the math question correctly, and still receive a failing grade
because your teacher "knew" the answer was incorrect.  See how that works?

Ths is actually a brilliant way of describing how to differentiate whether something in my head is a feeling or belief. Sometimes I find it hard to tell.

Thank you for this.