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In Topic: Am I making things appear?

17 April 2020 - 09:41 AM

can you give an example ? 
is it something like " man where is the remote control I cant find it " and then you suddenly find it ? 
I dont get it

OK examples:

A pair of trainers that were discontinued a number of years ago which I thought about were re-released shortly after.

A shop used to sell these great flapjacks but got rid of them years ago. I thought about how them and how I wanted one, they appeared again shortly after.

After these examples and more I started coming up with things that I remembered which hadn't returned to reassure myself, one of them were these Twix biscuits in 3 layers which literally haven't been around for 20 years in the UK... Shortly after they were back in the shops.

Hopefully that explains things better. As I said you'd think this would be great, but not when you're worried this isn't the real world and this becomes evidence.

In Topic: Am I making things appear?

17 April 2020 - 09:33 AM

This is an intellectual challenge.  Can you make things appear?  The answer is no. It's just impossible.  You may "feel" that you
can, but you "know" you cannot.  You might "feel" you have answered the math question correctly, and still receive a failing grade
because your teacher "knew" the answer was incorrect.  See how that works?

Ths is actually a brilliant way of describing how to differentiate whether something in my head is a feeling or belief. Sometimes I find it hard to tell.

Thank you for this.

In Topic: My dreams seem to be premonitions.

24 January 2020 - 07:46 PM

I'm gonna start leaving the weird things I am seeing in this thread for people to observe, analyse, scoff at etc. Feel free to add yours.

Saw the name "John Barnes" on a shop. Said to myself I bet I will see references to John Barnes in the next couple of days. Didn't need to, a friend text about "John Barnaby Nettles" on TV. I know this isn't exactly the same but this felt like me or the universe creating it in a perverse way.

Was in the chemist, saw a sign depicting that you can't use mobile phones there. Then later on a TV programme I saw one again. Said to myself, "OK I can put that down to just noticing it because I did before". But later on I am looking at patches on a market stool... There's one with a no mobile phones sign on. Why would that be on a patch?

Basically they may seem like ordinary coincidences to some, but it's the fact that I'm now predicting the kind of coincidences I see in some form or another. It feels like it's progressed and that some power is definitely fucking with me.

In Topic: My dreams seem to be premonitions.

13 January 2020 - 08:54 AM

Had another premonition dream last night. I dreamt that I was in a movie and flaming meteors were crashing down all over the place. I look at my phone this morning and there's a story about how Jupiter is throwing asteroids in Earth's direction.

What is this. FFS.

In Topic: I can't convince myself I'm ill.

19 December 2019 - 08:43 PM

I hope so. It's just so hopeless at times.

I'll find an explanation for one thing happening and that will give me temporary relief, but then some other coincidence or weird thing will happen and I'll be left questioning my belief system again.

For example, last night I had just got over something and then started remembering something from earlier in the timeline of all this going on. I remember meeting a friend and explaining the weirdness to him and about how I see 27s all the time. Then I said "for example, I bet you if I look at my phone now the time will display a 27". So of course it did,at a time where I was thinking heavily about 27, I seemingly make it appear and I knew I would. It proved my theory. I had no idea what part of the hour we were in but still managed to accurately prove my point that this must mean something was wrong with the world. I can't remember how I explained that away at the time to make myself better but now it's got me thinking about whether I did transport to another world.

If it was just coincidences alone, then fine I might be able to get through it. But it's with everything else. So today I was acting all chirpy when talking to people when not trying to. Was literally just words coming out of my mouth. No connection to my brain and actively not wanting to be chirpy because this 27 thing was bothering me. But there it was, happy as Larry chatting away blocking me from thinking about the thing I wanted to concentrate on. Was literally not thinking anything or trying to say this stuff, but it was still happening.

This kind of stuff all moulded together makes me believe this isnt the real world. Despite all the evidence on the other side like the people being the same, being able to find objects from the past etc. I just can't bring myself to believe im just ill because this stuff all seems too impossible to be true.

How the hell do I believe no matter what? Is there an explanation for all of this?
Who am I? Where am I?