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Just trying to find a way..

09 March 2017 - 09:28 PM

Hello everyone, I'm new to this community and just wanted to talk to people who I may be able to relate to in how I've been feeling...maybe make some friends to talk to during these times and share stories. I remember it like it was yesterday, about a year ago I woke up one day not feeling like myself, I felt so disconnected from my body and everything felt like I was in a dream. Going to work was the worse for me, I was getting my life on track and working at a craft store to earn money for school, but the feelings of depersonalization/realization were hard for me to cope with. I'm already a shy person, wasn't very vocal so working in retail was a challenge but I made it through til seasonal was over and we were retired. 

Even at times now I still have a lot of anxiety problems, it stops me from wanting to go out their and work again. Luckily I have a loving boyfriend who tries his best to understand and help. My depersonalization goes on and off but recently has came back more so...yeah. Also not sure if this is under the same category but I was just curious to ask you guys, do you ever feel uncomfortable in your own body? Like you don't feel like you're human or wake up feeling scared or like you're in a foreign if you're not in the right body. Sometimes I wake up and I literally will think 'Oh...I'm a person, that's neat' and I can't believe I can influence others around me..

Anyway hope to hear back from you guys and read through your posts too :)