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#619916 Psilocybin mushrooms

Posted by WreckingHotelRooms on 26 July 2020 - 08:00 AM

I had two small doses of truffles (15g) and it has lifted me out of suicidal depression and flipped everything to a positive, my vision is better, my mood is not depressed as it once was, still flat but for me Lyrica fixes that, i've made new friends, mixed a song that got noticed, a lot has happened in just two weeks. 


This trip was light, lasted two hours of peak, gave me time to think, i ended up writing a lot, slight visuals but this was no 'acid trip', by that i mean I was able to be around my family without anything but eyes giving it away, by that i'm just explaining this was a relaxing experience not a psychedelic one... lets make that real clear. It's called stage 2. There is 4 stages, also this wasn't mushrooms, it was truffles, i honestly don't know the difference... ask Broken or someone... Oh and the brick in my head is gone! thank god 

#619912 My mix got Insta heart from a Pro..

Posted by WreckingHotelRooms on 26 July 2020 - 05:26 AM

Hey yall. 


I am feeling a lot better and yesterday a Pro in LA liked my mix (I'm a sound guy/mix engineer), this has really uplifted me, I was wondering while the Irons still hot if anyone fancies checking the mix out via insta to soundcloud, feel free to add both!


insta/clivekennedy (the video is a picture of a beach near my home)


Have a great day x

#617926 Psilocybin mushrooms

Posted by WreckingHotelRooms on 19 May 2020 - 07:47 AM

Player 2 has entered the game

#617582 Hello everyone

Posted by WreckingHotelRooms on 03 May 2020 - 08:37 PM

I think a solid place to start would be therapy which will help compartmentalise this. I can understand from how you feel about your childhood, it's left things to work through.. 


sounds like you have depression and anxiety from not feeling accepted or like you belong which is one major cause of DP.. I think working through this with an expert before you try any medication to add an extra boost is very important to your recovery


best of luck

#617578 music

Posted by WreckingHotelRooms on 03 May 2020 - 08:26 PM

normal for us..only time i can is if Antidepressant is working ie lowering or stopping my anhedonia 

#614552 Processing trauma with a blank mind

Posted by WreckingHotelRooms on 10 February 2020 - 08:36 PM

I don't see how you could do one without the other talk therapy wise, DP rarely just random, plus talking about your life will hopefully in time make it less stressful, it's positive step IMO, though i will say medication did more than talking ever has for me

#614526 Processing trauma with a blank mind

Posted by WreckingHotelRooms on 10 February 2020 - 12:55 PM

I agree it can be an adrenaline issue, as in my case, my adrenaline is way over when tested. 


"depression, in part, this due to actual chemical changes in the brain from high cortisol. High cortisol levels also can be experienced by the body as anxiety, and insomnia is extremely common" 


that is a quote talking about Cushings, a extreme adrenaline disorder endocrinology wise but the same theory still applies, extreme worry/adrenaline/anxiety changes chemicals. 


The blank mind I have too, i had relief from it on Mirtazapine for a while till the adrenaline got out of control, i'd start somewhere like there. Around half of us have blank mind, or had it. It's your brain giving you a rest, as if you did hear your low mood thoughts they'd be negative and more taxing, least this is how I gather it, having only a non blank mind when my serotonin is high enough from an antidepressant. 


Blank mind, is part of Anhedonia which is listed as a symptom of Major Depression Disorder, so i think the first way to target the blankness is clearing depression whatever way works for you, will take trial and error.. I go to talk therapy, I find it useful as a tool, lowers my adrenaline by not keeping it inside my head, so i don't see it as a bad thing, just not a holy grail. 



good luck

#613258 Would you have tried Lamictal if it was free?

Posted by WreckingHotelRooms on 25 January 2020 - 08:40 AM

Tried both.


There is a good few threads on Lamotrigine you'd be best searching for, as many people have tried it. It doesn't seem to fair any better than anything else people have recovered with here. Having read i'd say most of the recovery stories, Time + AD that is working is top..add in a AS and i'd say that's the most common for treating symptoms. 


"subsequent placebo-controlled cross-over study of nine patients found no significant benefits from the drug"...


yep sounds about right, that's from Kings College who people here have been to, search KCL, they don't even take this approach standardly anymore as far as I am aware, I remember because a member went and I thought they'd just be on the combo outlined in that trial (Clomipramine as the preferred AD and Lamotrigine). 


These are free in the UK, I couldn't tolerate Lamotrigine. Know 4 others who have tried it and it wasn't the one for them either. Still open to it being helpful for some, as many recover using meds that can't pass a trial, some even get out using rather unique medications that work for them, eg someone recovered after many medications on a short course one of Adderall, which i've also tried, this for most DP people is the complete opposite to what they'd want, the more stimulation, the more anxiety. 

#612778 Psilocybin mushrooms

Posted by WreckingHotelRooms on 16 January 2020 - 03:33 PM

I've read a good bit, a lot are backing NHS idea, i've no source right now, but a lot are talking about a sweet spot of 6-8 hours with no visuals have shown changes rather than mini regular... must find a source better than reddit though. 


Yeah, I believe the reset of these sessions from the outside seem to be half the experience, which is why you have 2 psychologists in the room, as it won't always be nice. 


As for brain injury, there is a top reddit post of a woman with a TBI who got words back and better than before, which is odd. 


Wow there is? sorry can't click links atm, i'll wake up and read! 


My kind of thinking is, it lets you have space from the disorder, giving your brain a chance to kick in? just a thought. 


I think your last statement is why they push this to a 6-8 experience rather than Micro, as then I hear a lot of the reset word being used, i don't believe it's a go to for DP, but i am starting to believe in Anhedonia and Depression symptoms disappearing as I read them daily now on Reddit/r/Microdosing. Some have had depression 20 years.. This defiantly is a strong approach in the doses i've been told, but for a reason, to rewire. 


Thanks for the links, nice to have you involved. Either way, i've my mind set, can't live with depression much longer. 

#612634 Psilocybin mushrooms

Posted by WreckingHotelRooms on 14 January 2020 - 03:50 PM

Have ya got a weblink?


No, now what's happening is I am transferred from Bristol to Dublin, just emailed them back there now. 


I was waiting on 16 page document outlining it, but now i've changed to Dublin they have to go through the questions again, however it is Bristol funding it and it's definitely not a secret. I could get you the contacts. It's in the paper and such forth lately. 


I believe from Google this is it 




EDIT: Million dollar question, if this helps PTSD/cure whatever, can it unlock tools to get over DP? anyone found anything? I've read the odd reddit post, but can't find many mentioning DP and Mushrooms in the same post. 

#612306 Psilocybin mushrooms

Posted by WreckingHotelRooms on 08 January 2020 - 06:25 PM

I just got word Dublin is now doing trials, there is new trials opening all the time it seems, this also means I can do it professionally as although 120 miles away it's £20 on the train... 


Very interested Broken to see how you feel in around the 8 week mark. 

#611824 Medications/Mistakes I hear a lot

Posted by WreckingHotelRooms on 31 December 2019 - 12:49 PM

I honestly forgot, will reply once holiday season has passed! have a good one

#611774 Psilocybin mushrooms

Posted by WreckingHotelRooms on 30 December 2019 - 11:24 PM

Yeh it is sessions much like MDMD sessions with therapy that just really is a magic pill for some people with serious PTSD that nothing else would touch. 


No lasting visual effects, thats the thing the study still says it is 100% safe as no negative effects lasted. BUT we do know HPPD does happen to people and they dont mention it... does that happen when the dose is too high? I think that is such a tiny risk anyway, but for me even that risk is eliminated with microdosing.


Yeh defo low to medium doses but they are still trip amounts. Weird thing with shrooms though is that you dont always get the visuals. I had a lowish dose once and got AMAZING visuals and openness and laughter it was great. Another time I took 3x that amount and got nothing from it. So strange.


Lions mane half a level teaspoon, brand is Host defence which is the most expensive but I have tried many brands and that is the best. I really FEEL it after more than any other. 


Sorry you are wrong about Stamets. I have heard him say it multiple places it is 0.1g 4x a week. The 1-10mg is in fact the psilocybin amount. But 0.1g is still a microdose, anything under half a gram is considered a micro dose.


Yeh I find it strange that they are straight into researching trip doses but hey ho, it also shows the most dramatic immediate effect. And they do rule out bipolar and schizophrenia so I assume the risks are low outside those groups but I still imagine they exist


See I don't know if HPPD is a small risk if you've already experienced it.. 


Hmm weird, didn't know that they were inconstant..hmmm, same batch? 


Lions Mane so roughly how much a month is that? if you don't mind.. 


Haha, this mushroom thing has me out of my depth, that's why it's good to discuss. 


Oh 1-10mg is the psilocybin amount.. MY BAD.


I don't get or I am missing something. Is his version mini trips too? I mean they are trialling 10-25mg.. he is saying 1-10mg..

Would 0.05g 4x a week stop this being a trip amount? what's the kinda threshold I wonder?


or maybe I've got to accept that it's 0.1g 4x a week in the evening, before bed, can you sleep on mushrooms? 

#611736 High Adrenaline, High Cortisol.. but can't seem to fit into any box..

Posted by WreckingHotelRooms on 30 December 2019 - 01:07 PM

oh you have this in episodes? 


well, first thing you need to do is accept it. Until you accept that anxiety is a condition, okay not a disease (even better!), the sooner you can put in place what you need. 


1. GOOD therapist, who is trained in CBT but doesn't just run through CBT all the time. I went private for mine, NHS are too white lab but you might find a good one, it depends just I guess.. i'd try NHS first, no harm. 


2. GOOD p doc... again I went private but whatever, maybe my local services aren't up to power. Bupa did pull out of NI with one sentence saying "We find the services in NI to be sub standard".. so your local might be a lot better. 


3. Self care... holy grail of dp page I enjoy, well written, i listen to books audio on anxiety well did, read a lot and got informed with what I was dealing with. One of the things once you learn self care is, you learn to use it without knowing or thinking about it, my favourite when I am anxious is distraction, I learnt to do it, but it happens naturally... like if i feel anxiety or something I just switch up instantly what I am doing or divert my mind. 


Until then, find something when you are having what are probably panic attacks that bring you out of them. 


For me it was her https://www.youtube....jOtMA4sZxI&t=9s


I don't like ASMR or anything she says much in the video is just get lost kinda listening, but this can be anything.


You found the answer man, time to go to a GP and get the referrals, 


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

#611734 Psilocybin mushrooms

Posted by WreckingHotelRooms on 30 December 2019 - 12:49 PM

It seems the idea behind it is to go for "sessions" to lead to remission rather than actually taking it long term? 


Did people report lasting visual effects? that's my worry. I can handle it for 6 hours even if it was insane lol 


I actually honestly with your comment and re reading this, only got that, they are slightly in an altered state... interesting, I was caught up with what I was told, hmmm, good the trail report comes soon... but the doses are the same mentioned...so it must not be 'micro dosing' rather say 'low dosing it', with 'sessions' that last X period then stop when you no longer need it.


What's your lions mane dose? I found that hell of expensive. 

Yes I totally agree, I thought we were learning about micro dosing, not mild tripping, hmmmm. Also I get why it's so confusing now. Most go off that Paul Stamets, which is what I want to do, (know you know this, just keeping this thread open for others to read)


Psilocybin = 1-10mg

Lion’s Mane = 50 – 200 mg
Niacin = 100 – 200 mg


Which is 10mg but NOT pure psychoactive ingredient, so in reality many many times smaller. So no tripping and many many stories of beating depression long term with it, but as i've said in many different ways, these are using 10-25mg PURE so many times higher than micro dosing... weird, thought we'd be researching the lowest effective dose that you could prescribe as an AD almost...