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DP-episodes after intense brain work?

22 July 2020 - 03:17 PM



I've not been through any traumas to explain my episodical depersonalization/derealization, but I've noticed I always get episodes after having intensely strained my brain for a few hours. Like, going out and socialise with people (I'm very introverted), intense surfing on the internet for hours, building IKEA furniture or any kind of brain work-out. Afterwards I dissociate, sometimes out of body-experience, less so now, but this surreal feeling of not being me and not living in this house and having this life and everything is a dream and distant and muffled.


Does anyone else have DP/DR as a brain collapse when you're exhausted? I don't know if it's connected to burn out in some way, or if it's just the way my brain has learnt to cope with over-load and over-stimulation? When do you dissociate, in what situations? Is it always trauma? For me it's when my brain is fried and I just can't bear to be conscious any longer, so my brain protects me. That's what my psych nurse says at least. But I've never heard it happen to anyone else?