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Anyone agree with this description of DPD?

Today, 08:07 AM

I just read this quote in a random paper on the corpus callosum and the split brain. It outlines perfectly what I I been struggling to communicate about my own experience:

"Finally, another way to look at this is in terms of ‘dissociation’, as in depersonalization (Phillips et al., 2001; Sierra et al., 2002). Perhaps the number of agents is not altered, but the agent feels depersonalized in some situations, and therefore no longer feels that they control the actions, or even experience the information, that has just occurred in their brain."

I feel as though I shut down to anger and when people are unkind to me I zone out for a few seconds. It is as if I am paranoid about what was just said and cannot be sure of what was just said. Perhaps this is an issue with the corpus callosum after emotional abuse, and skunk marijuana also damages this connection between the brain hemispheres. Anyone else have this experience in some way?

Endocannabinoid Overload

20 July 2020 - 02:49 PM

Has anyone considered that this may be in part due to overload and down regulation of endocannabinnoid receptors? 


Looking at this list, I would say I have most symptoms. Panic that is numb but I can never relax, I would say I am paranoid but also that is for good reason as I cannot follow conversations due to reaction times and short term memory issues. 


Supposedly you can microdose THC to get good effects, but it is so powerful that if you get 'high' you get the opposite effects. So small amounts can improve memory and mood and anxiety, but a large dose makes memory worse, makes you paranoid and anxious....


I have tried CBD to some effect but I think a small amount of THC (and I mean a tiny amount in drops, no chance of getting high) could improve those effects.. 


Personally my DPD started with a big dose of weed ingested and the smoked... silly stuff in hindsight. Weed did give me symptoms of derealisation when high, and then a big dose made that permanent. So I dont know if a sensible, tiny dose, might help a overactivated and endocannabinoid system.... just a theory



Working from home opportunity (UK)

26 October 2019 - 11:02 AM

I had been unemployed for several years and really struggled to get work that suited me. I struggle severely in social situation and had a couple of office jobs that I had to quit after a week or two because it was just not realistic for me. 


Unfortunately there is zero help, and in the uk I should have been on disability benefits really as I was in such a bad way. I'm sure there are others here that are in the same position, so wanted to share a referral link to my current work here. It isn't the most interesting but it's zero hours so you can work whenever you want, and it pays pretty well. I make £13-£14 an hour including my bonuses so it is a great opportunity for those of us here that struggle with normal work.


It is surveys for graduates, but honestly people have never been that rude and the vast majority of people say yes which is why I get good bonuses. If anyone decides to go for it you can DM me and I will give you tips. 


As I say this is zero hours and I am just using it to get some money together whilst I do a TEFL course so I can teach English to foreign students online (again from home). This job also works great as a side job to bring in some extra cash. Anyway, The link is: https://iffresearch....lication/en_GB#


They have a referral process so if you can click 'IFF employee' on where did you hear about us? And my ORGA number/reference is 14081 which would help you get in the door


As I am still looking for other work as this is just a quick cash job here are some other links you might find helpful if you are looking for homework in the UK:






Work isn't everything and doesn't define you and certainly don't pressure yourself if you don't feel ready. But it has boosted my self esteem a little bit. It isn't going to cure me or anything, but the distraction is helpful at times