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In Topic: Endocannabinoid Overload

Yesterday, 06:40 PM

I think it's possible that the endocannabinnoid system is involved. I know it is involved with healing physical trauma and injury.. inflammation is often involved with injury.

Wouldnt be surprised if the natural endocannabinnoid system is somehow compromised either genetically or through emotional trauma. And smoking weed just shows this issue. I would zone out and dissociate on weed... after abusing the drug I am stuck in that state.

I dont believe in homeopathy, but can see how small doses of cbd/thc could help heal that system. Much like a small amount of stress is good for you like cold showers or exercise. I feel pretty good anyway and maybe am sleeping better (hard to tell with a newborn baby in the house).

It's the same with absolutely any drug. Abuse it and it does harm. Take in a sensible dose and it can heal things. THC is an incredibly powerful drug. I took 3mg yday and it felt too much. Lowered to 2mg today and felt it hit the spot more. An average spliff is about 30mg thc, and inhaling is a far quicker onset and quicker peak. Time will tell if this will work anyway.


Edit; So it is easy to see that a quick and fast peak just overloads that system leading to dissociation as we have a weakened "self soothing" pathway if you like. There is a woman in Scotland that has a rare gene mutation, that causes her to produce excess amounts of anandamide (our own endocannabinnoid). She feels no pain, and regularly hurts herself accidentally, and she feels no FEAR or anxiety. Imagine that? I think DPD is definitely too much anxiety/fear, either through trauma or lack of endocannabinnoids (probably both). I feel pretty good emotionally anyway, which isnt bad for 5 days low dose. Results will probably take a month or two

In Topic: Endocannabinoid Overload

01 August 2020 - 07:18 PM

I feel a definite effect on mood and relaxation. Hard to tell with sleep as last night was the hottest night of the year! Below outlines the logic with why I am doing this. So the theory is an overstimulation of the endocannabinnoid system at a young age through abuse of high THC low CBD skunk marjuana.


I am hoping that a very small dose will bring some life back into this system as it may have been damaged, either receptors or brain pathways, so I am hoping it will stimulate these systems. Perhaps my DP/DR I got whilst "high" was a signal of a vulnerable endocannabinoid system that was overstimulated...


I certainly dont feel high now on a microdose. Something I have noticed is I am able to feel my face more... strange observation. I will go on for 2 months daily until I run out




"While this is merely observational, Sulak notes that tests on animals suggest that low-level doses of THC can result in an upregulation of the endocannabinoid system (for endocannabinoid production as well as expression of its receptors).

“If you are building tolerance to THC, you are building tolerance to your body’s own cannabinoids, which are there for the purpose of promoting balance and health,” says Sulak. “So having a highly sensitive endocannabinoid system is extremely valuable for responding to illness, injury, and stress, and people can achieve that with low doses of cannabis.”"

In Topic: Endocannabinoid Overload

31 July 2020 - 10:01 AM

Feel different today... cant quite pinpoint what that means yet lol. I know when I take it again tonight just before bed that I will sleep a lot better.

This is an interesting quote to through in with the theory. Perhaps CB1 receptors were internalised and therefore effectively had less receptors as a result of overloading with THC. Theory being, a microdose can up regulate receptors or an antagonist like CBD also does this

"The CB1 receptor is expressed pre-synaptically at both glutaminergic and GABAergic interneurons and, in effect, acts as a neuromodulator to inhibit release of glutamate and GABA.[16] Repeated administration of receptor agonists may result in receptor internalization and/ or a reduction in receptor protein signalling.[10]"

In Topic: Endocannabinoid Overload

30 July 2020 - 04:24 PM

Another study outlining that "feeling high" caused by THC, is thought to be through lowered blood flow to the frontal cortex and insula. For me, when my DPD started, I described it like being high all the time. So perhaps through excessive amounts of THC these effects were made more permanent.


I do suspect a huge dose of CBD could help, but I did try a large amount once (300mg) but to no effect. I am hoping my microdose of THC has a positive effect on the endocannabinnoid system which I strongly suspect is involved somehow. I feel a better mood and more relaxed now, small dose. No miracles yet, but do feel I will sleep well tonight

In Topic: Endocannabinoid Overload

30 July 2020 - 02:03 PM

I took 3 drops, which is approximately 0.15ml, which would be roughly 3mg THC in the dose that I have.  These are very rough figures, but what I intend to stick to.


I feel not an awful lot, but that is good and to be expected. I dont want to overly feel too much tbh. 


I feel my face more in a strange way, unsure if I feel more relaxed.. perhaps slightly. But could easily be placebo. This is far more easily controlled than the mushroom microdosing I did, and it shouldnt deteriorate. It is a long term project. I do perhaps feel tired, but then again I have been all day lol. So nothing to report. I am hoping the main thing that happens is improved sleep but will come back when there is more to tell