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Prayer circle

02 May 2017 - 06:14 PM

I deleted the content. I don't think I can really start a topic about this. Then I would really need to follow the topic and really get into it, and that's going to be a bit to much if my dp is acting out.. Maybe another time, or maybe someone else does one day. That would be great.

long term sufferer

18 March 2017 - 05:23 PM

Hi there. I'm Vincent and I have been suffering from dp for about 26 years. It has been a long hard road. I'm still hangin on there. I appreciate this site. But I also noticed that the moderators are very strict.... so strict that because I misread the rules or regulations for this forum that I got blocked from the chat a few times. It's fine. I think this is very important that we keep it positive and uplifting. I will try to abide by the rules and regulations. I promise. My social skills are terrible since I have chronic dp... I am aware that I have some problems in expressing myself... especially when it comes to spontanity. Especially that. But I';m still here after 26 years. I'm alive and going on :-) I have many tips and advice but so do you guys have many tips and advice. Hang in there. Stay positive ;-)

suicidal thoughts

24 February 2017 - 09:00 PM

hi there,


i'm struggling with dp disorder for 26 years now. im 41 now to be precise. And I feel like im 25 at best because im lagging behind in overall development because the last 26 years i could barely get myself to read, study or write because of severe concentration issues. The social part is lacking as well, and that last is the one thing i struggle with most. I feel devastated last few years. Depleted really. 26 years... is... for me... welll... to cry about really. I don't need cheer ups or saving, but some like minded people who can comment, I think that would help me best.

I read and enjoyed other poeples stories last few years, but I never felt capable of posting anything because I myself can barely even communicate without getting confused. I even am jealous of the countless people on this site who seem to be able to place posts almost without efford. And so orderly. I cannot talk or speak without some form of confusion. So I don't understanbd how so many people complain about confusion and yet are able to communicate through this forum without effort it seems.

Even on this forum I feel alone, because you guys seems to type away as if it comes naturally. In that sense I feel that you guys are far better of then me, and that is very strange since we have the same disorder (i did get the diagnosis two years ago).

I mean.... who can live 26 years with emptiness and go on and on and on. Who? Me? well until a certain point yes. But I'm reaching my limits.

anyone having suicidal thoughts as well?


And please understand me well pls. I am not promoting anything, I'm just looking for people who can relate.