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In Topic: So scared.

27 June 2020 - 11:41 PM

Doesn't that kind of give you an idea of the nature of what you feel, having been two years? :)

I'm sorry it's still a problem for you. I hope you managed to deal with them better. I personally think it's a form of anxiety, having experienced anxiety manifesting in endless ways myself.

In Topic: A question about personality disorders

24 June 2020 - 04:29 PM

Interesting. I've never thought about it or seen it this way. I get how it can be seen this way as an autistic person.

Honestly, it feels like one of these terms that in ten years or so they find a different alternative to. It feels like an umbrella term that is not accurate to be honest.

And it is a little disturbing to think "personality disorder" does suggest there's something wrong with the personality/person as a whole or how it functions as a whole where a lot of times it's aspects of it, or not even necessarily "personality".

I think it's also the connotation it has. Comes from the doctors themselves. 


Btw, 15 minutes to diagnose? terrible doctor. I have had my own share with them. Most recent doctor I went to needed 2-3 sessions to try to diagnose me (then decided he really couldn't, at least he knows his limits)


Good points Chip & Where. I think when you realize that societal norms extend to the psychiatric industry and nothing is an exception, you don't take everything from their point as an absolute.

In Topic: My own reflection exhausts me?

02 June 2020 - 05:43 AM

Hey Rei, I am not DPd atm, but I still have a problem with my is almost triggering for me, if I look too long at the mirror, I can feel the DP hovering over me, but then I do not get DPd...I have the same problem with photographs, so it is not just a reflection thing...perhaps it has more to do with identifying with oneself, than with DP? Idk, this is just some wild guess, I didn't put much thought into it, but I was intrigued by your account...


It was almost triggering for me not too long ago. Although it still can come and go, the triggering aspect. I used to be the same with photographs too. I don't react to them the same I did before DP though. Nothing at all is the same before it but somehow it gets better.


Can you elaborate on having to do with identifying oneself?

I've read a study before on DP patients where I think the parts of the brain responsible for identifying faces doesn't function normally as well as the emotional memory



Brain researchers  say the eye is the window to the soul, and  if you have a soul, that it resides in the temporal lobe of your brain.  They also say the temporal lobe is "exquisitely prone to insult"

My temporal lobe was insulted when I was 17.   Immediately  following my first exposure to cannabis, I had powerfulI temporal lobe seizures.  I lost my emotions and also lost limbic resonance.


I could no longer relate to my mirror image as I once had.  The damage in my limbic region  was clouding my vision.  I developed recurrent major depression featuring severe insomnia and anxiety

from this incident and I continued to experience focal temporal lobe seizures for decades thereafter. I also experienced frequent ocular migraine aura.

40 years later, I had an EEG which showed I had significant pathology in my dominant temporal lobe. That damage had occurred when I was 17.

At 57, I was told I was disabled from an event which had occurred 40 years earlier.  I had retired early, so I just added the disability check to my monthly income.

I had ECT in 2014, which seems to have cured the depression.  The focal seizures stopped somewhere in the mix.  Life goes on.


Thank you for sharing


I still remember this from messaging you a couple years ago. I actually had EEG and brain MRI done since then and they found nothing. My psychiatrist was almost confident I had epilepsy and was quite confused when I came back with the results that he actually told me he couldn't help me.



Bizarre how they came up with the conclusion of disability 40 years later


I can't help but wonder how science hasn't gotten to this yet. Especially with 'concrete' brain pathology in regard to it...

In Topic: The life-changing power of words : Kristin Rivas at TedxRainier

15 May 2020 - 07:19 PM



It was such an important trait of how my mind worked - treating memories in non-linear way, but rather as nodes within a mesh, playing them simultaneously over and over again



This is so interesting. treating memories in non-linear way..

Thanks for sharing this.



I might go back to the video when I feel like I can watch it, and share my thoughts. Thanks for sharing, Phantasm. 

In Topic: MA thesis research / interview request

12 April 2020 - 10:29 AM

Not sure if I can help much, but I'd love to be part of something like this

I'll pm you my email