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Anticholinergics - anyone else?

25 April 2019 - 02:55 PM

12 years of non-interrupted use of the anticholinergic drug Alimemazine has in all likelihood contributed greatly to my

catastrophic physical and mental deterioration. It could very well be the source of my sickness. 


Alimemazine is commonly prescribed long term in my country for mild and T E M P O R A R Y sleep disturbances as a "safer" alternative

to benzodiazepines. Neither of these drugs are supposed to be prescribed in excess of 14 days, but who expects a doctor to know how to

read these days, right? It's not like their intellectual inferiority ruins millions of lives or anything.


Other examples of anticholinergic drugs are older antihistamines, Benedryl, Zoloft and some antipsychotics.


Anticholinergics have been linked to cognitive decline and a whole bunch of other health issues. I have them all.

Everything makes sense in the context of anticholinergics.

I have researched to death every drug, food and pollutant i've ever come in contact with to try and make sense of all the bizarre and 

debilitaing symptoms i've experienced, but nothing really made sense.

It never accured to me that this seemingly harmless allergy medicine could be the cause of my issues until rather recently.

It's the only drug i've ingested the last decade because i knew drugs were bad, but it's the one that killed me..


I have basically been chronically and clinically sedated for 12 freaking years.

Both my brain and autonomic nervous system has been shut off of 12 years, and i don't know if i'll ever recover again.