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In Topic: Hello. Finally, I think I know ....why I feel off

14 May 2016 - 03:42 PM

I'm so glad that you have found an answer to your life long struggle with this illness. I thoroughly recommend buying & reading this book. It's not a self help book, but you will be able to relate to the people in it if you truely do have DP/DR. Also, if your counselor has never heard of it, or has little experience, it will be an education for them. I too suffered for years before I finally satrted Googling for answers, & like you, it led me here. I hope that you enjoy your stay, & find many useful things to try out. I recommend taking this test & reporting back your score (just add up all the numbers). Also, when you get time, read through these FAQ's.




Thank you very much for reading and answering my post. I actually bought Feeling Unreal yesterday and started reading it just now :) I will take the test and read the FAQ's. Thank you!