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Grounding & Balancing - Dealing with DPDR by Drugs or Premature Awakening

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Posted 02 April 2020 - 08:39 PM

I posted this earlier in treatment options section. But i feel this topic also fits here as it is also associated with premature/forced awakening and ways to deal with it.


Being a long time meditator and having studied the energy system in our body, I want to share some of my views that could help people with DP/DR issues.


High dosage of psychedelics or any other drug can overdrive the sympathetic nervous system which is responsible for "fight or flight" mode. It can also result in premature or forceful awakening of energy which meditators take months or years to do so.



Some of the symptoms of DP/DR are - 

  • Not feeling grounded and balanced

  • Vision problems ; sensitivity to light/sound

  • Unpleasant sensation in navel region

  • Pressure in back of the head, forehead

  • Tightness in throat & chest

  • Memory problems ;

  • Lack of energy

  • Sleeping/breathing pattern gets disturbed

  • Electrical sensations in the body


Similar symptoms are observed in those who have/does premature, forceful awakening of energy in meditation (symptoms could be little worse in case of drugs). This happens with those who does things without guidance and knowledge.


This condition creates tension in parts of our body called as "Stress containers". Google stress containers in the body.



Now the approach to deal with excess energy as advocated by Yogis/Meditators is to ground the energy in lower parts of our body by grounding exercises.


Therefore although you may be feeling most of the symptoms of this condition in upper part of the body, but you need to work on core and lower half of the body. You need to do some grounding exercises


There are many exercises/asanas you'll find if you google. But which specific exercises/asanas need to be done to get better results I've compiled a list of them.


Here are the exercises that you should do ground and balance yourself -

  • Grounding breath -

  1. Slow exhalations - Inhale through the nose and slowly exhale through the mouth (as if you are exhaling through the straw). Make sure outbreath should always be longer than inbreath.

  2. Diaphragmatic breathing (lying down) - Follow the same rule of breathing as above.


  • Grounding exercises -

  1. Core-strengthening exercises

  2. 90-90 stretches

  3. Hip mobility exercises

Practise these exercises daily for 15-20 min twice.


  • Alternative Therapies -
  1. Cranial Osteopathy
  2. Craniosacral Therapy
  3. Bach flower Remedy (very effective for emotional release)






Why Grounding exercises ?


The logic behind grounding exercises I've mentioned is that - symptoms of DP/DR caused by high dosage of drugs are mostly similar to premature, forceful awakened energy. So the way of dealing with them is same.


Google- "Kundalini and Psychedelics". Do some of your own research. Definitely give this a reading.


This actually is an energy imbalance issue. Even modern day psychologists and psychiatrists are unable to diagnose condition correctly for lack of right knowledge. This topic has not been much explored, evaluated by them.


I won't say this exercises will resolve the issue overnight, but definitely will help to ground and balance as it helps in the second case I mentioned.


If practised regularly I can definitely say your recovery period will reduce. This I can say for sure.


Physical exercises that target the abdominal ( core and oblique core muscles), hips and hamstrings are very important to treat this condition. Avoid heavy lifting/ gym. 


 Also solar plexus, which is in the navel region, is considered to be the storehouse of all emotions, working on this area will release suppressed emotions.


You can'f fix everything in mind. Mental acceptance is also necessary. But this is temporary psychosomatic disorder. This also includes physical health problems, emotional instability, mental disturabances. Therefore physical exercises.




Why Breathing exercise ?


We want more of parasympathetic NS


When we inhale Sympathetic NS is activated and when we exhale Parasympathetic NS is activated. We want more of Parasympathetic NS. That is why Slow exhalation. (Rule - Outbreath should always be longer than inbreath)


Same rule has to be followed while doing Diaphragmatic breathing. Inhale through the nose and slowly exhale through the mouth.



About me - I have never taken any drugs. I am long time meditator. I know what could go wrong with drugs as well wrong practise and how to deal with it

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