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I've grown sceptical of psychiatry in general..

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Posted 10 September 2019 - 05:17 AM

There's a good book called "An introduction to Object Relations" by Lavinia Gomez, which covers the development of Psychiatry and how its attempt to be taken seriously as a "science" did a lot of damage. 

The problem with psychiatry is that it is NOT an exact science...Its guess work at best....Hence we take meds that can either cure us or make us worse...Its complete trial and error...


The study of brain chemistry is in its infancy....And the mental health services in western world countries (let alone third world) are seriously restricted by underfunding and lack of research....


It costs a government alot less money if a person takes their own life rather than give that person the highly expensive long term treatment they really require...Food for thought...We are all just statistics....The only people that matter are the people at the top...Because they all line each others pockets...The rest of us are just here to line the pockets of these people and if we are not doing that we are expendable...


Example! .............


Patient - Doctor I really think I have Depersoanlization Disorder

Doctor - Im not sure what that is exactly but take this pill twice a day and come back next week

Patient - Ok Thanks

Doctor - That will be 100 dollars please, See you next week!


Go Figure!

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