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Memory Loss and MORE...

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#1 Jason39



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Posted 09 May 2019 - 11:38 PM



I would like to post my long story in as short as possible and hope to get some opinions. I'm almost 40 and have had DP since I was 12. Caused by trauma. So yes, about 28 years. I've had it when it was mild and when it was severe. I even had different types of DP.


By googling "dp and memory loss" I stumbled upon this website. I have read a thread that eased my mind but I still gotta write my problems.


Some 2 months ago I notices I am losing my memory more than 'normal" and my lack of feeling things getting worse. I will mention that I had a few CT scans of my brain in the past a nd they have always been normal. But last year I did an MRI and they found some lesions and some damage, partially from cigarette smoking and partially IDK why but the neuro said it is absolutely of no concern.


Fast forward to 2-3 months ago I would notice from time to time when I speak I forget in the middle of sentence what I was talking about. It was getting worse. Well, last week it started to get severe. But at the same time I didn't sleep for 48 hours. Very sleep deprived. After 40+ hours I remember I wanted to make a joke on my brother that I have no clue what I was talking about and at the same time I went 6 hours with a loss of touch with reality. I was told the next day that I hallucinated. I wasn't doing anything but I was talking nonsense and spent time on my laptop.


The weirdest part to me was I had no fear whatsoever. I remember dying of fear of going crazy but this time nothing, zero. So I got 6 hours of sleep and as I was talking something I somehow noticed I said a nonsense. I even said to a family member "it is coming on again'. So another 6 hours of what I can call insanity.


Day 3 it lasted shorter.


It hasn't been happening anymore but my dp is almost 100%. Almost 10/10. Memory and concentration is non existent. I don't have a stable family doctor nor a shrink but I can only guess was it because of 2 day and 2 night of no sleep? Brain damage or something? Or simply too much stress because I am dealing with a lot and have a plenty of stress in my life.


I am not looking for diagnosis. I am looking for opinions AND suggestions if any vitamins can help clear the mind of such a bad memory loss?


I am taking suboxone, abilify (for depression) ativan. lamotrigine , pronaprolol and lexapro.


I am a mental wreck but this experience has killed all my hopes to the point that I feel careless anymore.

#2 REB


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Posted 10 May 2019 - 05:45 AM

Hi, Jason.


You're on an insane amount of pharmaceuticals. Taking Lamotrigine alone is known to cause profound cognitive impairment in a relatively high percentage of people.

I think it actually might be the most reported side effect. I can't even begin to imagine the havoc all of those drugs in combination are wreaking on your body.

I would start there. 

#3 Jason39



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Posted 13 May 2019 - 01:24 AM



You might be right. The meds make me feel worse, much more dp'd than usual. I take much more meds than that. Gabapentin literally mess me up. Just this winter i was taking 14 different drugs.


I haven't been losing touch with reality since. Hopefully this fucking dp gets better.


It will never go away completely. Even benzos don't help anymore.

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