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Im 15 years old is this even depersonalization?

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#1 Js2903


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Posted 16 December 2018 - 10:21 AM

So im 15 years old and ever since I was like 6 or 7 ive had an anxiety disorder and hypochondria, my main things where like if I had something slightly wrong with me that wasn't even a big deal but I thought it was at the time: for example there was something in my eye id get freaked out and think it was something bad, or  I felt abit breathless and then I'd fall down and think I was dying, just dumb shit like that Ive had plenty of anxiety attacks about just feeling abit odd and weird and having weird thoughts, and then I freak out because I don't know what to do that's what my anxiety attacks revolve around just feeling weird. Anyway, so im not sure when but around 2017 I just kept having panick attacks, like Ive had tons of panick attacks in my life but it was like every single day after school I just kept having them and having them, and ever since around then I just question weird shit and feel off and weird, like its not a dream like feeling everyone says they feel that but I DO NOT feel like im in a dream its just an odd feeling like I just don't feel right mentally and the world seems different I cant explain it, but I can still do anything that I could before it just it just doesn't feel ''right''. Im not sure what it is and when I think about too much I freak out and have a mini panick attack. And I cant tell my mum or anyone because whenever I talk to her about my anxiety issues she immediately tells me I need medication and I cant convince her otherwise lol (trust me ive tried so many times) I still function like a normal kid its just it just feels different and not right i cant explain it, is this depersonalization or is it more anxiety related

#2 DerealizedDutchie


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Posted 16 December 2018 - 04:27 PM

I can relate to your thought patterns, because i was the same at that age.. every little change in my body frightened me. I can't say if you are experiencing DPDR right now, but i think you are in a very critical phase in your life right now. Probably a lot of changing hormones etcetera. If i were you i wouldnt be too worried right now. If you can't get your thoughts to relax you should see a therapist to help you with your (health)anxiety/OCD. Cognitive behavorial therapy can do wonders at your age i reckon.

#3 Js2903


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Posted 17 December 2018 - 01:14 AM

ok thanks for the reply bro ill look into cbt, ive heard about it and I reckon it would help me a lot

#4 JoshS.



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Posted 22 May 2020 - 04:31 PM

I would get so hysterical over my health symptoms but what I've come to realize is that anxiety and depression can do so much to your mind it's as almost like you rewired your brain to turn off the feeling of empathy and not care about your thoughts to any extent it's a habit to worry about something that just isn't worth the time and effort.

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