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Minocycline Medication Caused DP/DR. Recovery/Help

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Posted 21 June 2016 - 08:32 PM

This is exactly what happened to our son who is now 16 but was 15 at the time.  It has lingered on and off for over 8 months now after only taking it 8-10 days.  We have absolutely no doubt the minocycline was the cause of his anxiety and panic attacks.  He was a very well adjusted kid with many friends before all this.  You give us hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  I have read for hours and days regarding what this has done to people.  This is the first account I have heard of mind over matter of how to counter it.  Our son recently had suicidal thoughts just as we thought he was getting better.  We have brought him to an inpatient treatment center for help with this.  The first thing they wanted to do was give him anti-depressants.  I practically fought with the doctor over the phone telling there is no way we want anything given to him.  Good is coming out of it with the group sessions. It's been just a few days and he realizes all these other kids have life problems and he is recognizing his stems from the minocycline.  He is seeing that he is not weird or broken and that non of this is his fault.  We can tell from talking to and visiting him that he feels better about himself.  This place has been real good overall. Fortunately I have connected with a therapist who has looked into our story and has been totally shocked by what she has read.  This is just a one week treatment. Once he gets out my husband is taking a leave of absence at work and plans to work with our son daily with projects and diet and exercise. It's summer vacation so until school is on again

 we want to keep him totally busy with little down time.  He was doing real well in school but it was the summer time down time that caused the feelings to come back.  Your story hit on everything we had been talking about and helped us feel good about our plan to help him.  We have hope and he has an excellent psychologist who believes in him and the fact that the minocycline got him to this point.  He was even the one who pinpointed it for us thankfully. Thank you so very much for sharing your story and for being so strong and determined.  LIfe is all about choices daily and this has taught our family as well to really appreciate every moment knowing how it can change so quickly. 

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