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Posted 29 March 2013 - 12:54 PM

Yeah I remembered how I used to think when I still had this, I visited the forum and wondered about people who left, who never came back to tell their story, if they recovered or if they just got used to it, there were even threads created to discuss that and I always kept this "promise" that I would come back and let the community know how I feel right now, well I feel awesome, not even sure when I last posted here and it was kind of a miracle that I remembered to come back and post this, there's not much I can say though, my advice was always the same and it still is, I followed my own advice and it went well so I assume it could go well for others as well but who actually bothers going through a strict diet these days? Or exercising often? Or even getting out of the house... all I know is that my self-esteem was extremely fucking poor when I was here and had DP/DR, felt like I had to come and cry to the forums everyday about something new, just to think of that makes me feel sick, I know that I needed it back then but now it terrifies me to think that I actually did it, in the end all I can say is that having DP/DR makes you a completely different person with attitudes you would never have otherwise, so keep it cool and do something about it instead of coming up with new things to complain about everyday

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