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Starting to look into therapy again. Help?

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#1 Hoopesy


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Posted 23 May 2012 - 09:45 PM

Hey everyone. This is my first post on here in almost a year I think, and I will say quite a year it has been. Taking a break from this forum was for the best though. I have entirely overcame the obsession aspect of DP in all this time. I hardly ever think about the DP itself at all. Very excited to think back on that progress. But unfortunately, this has not made it go away really. It has been over 2 1/2 years since its onset. I just feel that I can handle it better. It's become very clear that simply "forgetting about" DP isnt the real problem here. The real problem is the anxiety and depression that perpetuate my feelings in the first place. Both of these factors have been a growing problem that really escalated around last November. Alot has happened in my family and I's life to grant me the privilege of seeing a therapist again after some time.

But the last time I got to go to therapy was before Depersonalization was even part of my life. I just went to the one my parents found me. I guess im a little lost as to how to find the right therapist for myself. I went onto the ADAA website and located a psychologist within a reasonable distance of myself. His experience and area of expertise is very impressive and im excited to get into contact with him.

However, there's no mention of anything about depersonalization or depersonalized feelings. I tried to look at all the certified therapists I could and not one really mentions it. Not even the ADAA website has an option to find a therapist that has experience in it. Should I email the psych I'm interested in and see if he has experience with DP after all? Or should I maybe start looking less toward anxiety specialists and more toward dissociation specialists?

Just looking to find the best person possible. If you guys have any tips of experience please let me know what I should be doing. Thank you.

#2 kate_edwin


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Posted 29 May 2012 - 04:04 PM

i would try they have a listing of T's trained in trauma and dissociation, they'd have a good grasp on dissociation. but if no one's available, i'd interview people and ask, anyone you click with who's decent would be able to help you develop coping skills and other basic things....

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