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I'm finally cured

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#25 Cotillion


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Posted 06 November 2012 - 03:45 AM

Thank you for this awesome recovery post. Thank you very much. You know after reading it I made the decision of blocking this site and finally getting on with my life. Visiting dp groups doesn't help at all since they are indeed negative. Good-bye! :)

#26 hope.is.here


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Posted 06 November 2012 - 11:01 AM

Having recovered myself, I like to read how other people have recovered bc my recovery seems to me to be quite different. I recovered physically, meaning thru an extremely clean diet, detox, fasting, exercise, deep breathing, etc..."thinking positive" got me nowhere for 3 years...Not that thinking positive isn't great. It is. I pray. I do affirmations and visualizations. Having a good attitude is key. However, people underestimate how much environmental toxins are affecting us (as well as psych drugs which I took and many of you take which often make DP worse). Your brain will recover if you help your gut, your liver, and your body to recover. I suggest curezone.com for detox help if you are interested. Also, I've written a long article How I beat DP in Stories and Recovery that you could check out if you want.
Best of Luck to you all
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#27 JJ70


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Posted 05 April 2013 - 11:41 AM

I've been fully recovered from chronic DP/DR for over 20 years and for the last decade have talked with so many people I have lost count, I just want to shed some light on this thread from my experience (and I have a lot).


-First of all, I always see this topics on here of what is this symptom? am I going crazy? etc. You are not and continuing to pound your already tired mind with pointless questions worsens DP and sets you off on an anxiety merry-go-round. Realize it for what it is, anxiety and accept it and allow the stupid thoughts to come, they can't hurt you and you must understand why you are having them in the first place. Mostly, it's just adrenalin, and when that hits, all kinds of crazy thoughts appear in the mind.


This advice is true in EVERY case I have come across....take it on board. However it seems unlikely from my experience and from medical literature that DP/DR itself is purely an anxiety condition......many people have DP/DR without anxiety. Anxiety like any other co-existing conditions needs to be managed and treated alongside DP/DR for effective recovery. 


You have to, and I mean, have to, change your negative thought-habits, that was the first key for me. DP can make you believe a lot of nonsense that isn't true, then you investigate, and almost convince yourself, or actually do convince yourself of whatever you thought up. Now, I'm sure I will get negative comments like how your dp/dr is different then mine and how you think you won't recover, but that is the whole point. You have to retrain your mind into believing you will recover, because you can. It isn't particularly easy,


The above is 100% spot on for ever case I have come across. 


because all DP is is your body protecting you


I am not sure of the above, it is possible but if it is a defence mechanism the brain makes a pretty big fuck up triggering it.


and once you stop the obsessing and fearing it, it goes away.


The above is not 100% true but it helps a HELL OF A LOT!


-If you wanna feel normal again, you are going to have to get back out to normal living. If you can't hold a job because of your Dp right now, that's fine, but take small steps to re-engage with the world. All those existential questions and feeling unreal will subside once you integrate back into living again. Staying at home on the computer, watching tv, isolating yourself will do absolutely nothing but make it worse. At first, I started reconnecting with old friends and couldn't even hold a conversation with them because my DP was so bad, it was like I was sitting inside my head and I would start to panic because I feared that I would always be like this and get depressed because of it. Well, I decided I was going to keep socializing anyways, and after awhile, I could hold conversations and laugh without of being aware of my laughing and my own words coming out of my mouth. You see, you have to be consistent and keep doing it. Eventually, my time was spent away from the house most of the day almost everyday because I had plans and I looked forward to them. I developed an attitude of "so what?" towards my DP and it began to subside, slowly. Dp makes you think you can't do this or do that, but it's all false, every bit of it. I then began to get clarity on my condition and saw that I will most definitely recover from this and am not going to be bluffed by it anymore. It took a little while, but eventually it went away completely. I stopped focusing on it and paying attention to it.


The above is extremely solid advice....listen to it!


Distraction helped for me, but I don't believe it is the one true way to recover.


This above is true.


Also, DP is not progressive, I mean it can get worse and you can feel more detached, but it does not lead to anything else, period. And yes, you can recover from it, I've talked to a lot of people that have already, and none of them were actually on this website. You have to learn to start having faith in yourself and stop looking for that magical cure, it does not exist. I have one life to live, and i'll be damned if it's gonna be spent living it this way. Anyone on this site can recover, I truly believe that. Hope this helps someone. 


The above is 99% true.


Congrats, you got the short term version


The above is rubbish, there has always been a reason behind long term cases 3+ years in every case I have come across.


Haha, exactly. Let's be honest here, the guy didn't recover because he did all that stuff (nothing new by the way, it's the same post every time) but because his brain alone recovered.
If your brain doesn't want to recover, you can't do much about it... For those who had this >2 years, don't fool yourselves with this "self-help" guides, you're fucked.


The above is absolute bullshit of the highest order.


What if existence is the problem? Why is this so irrational? Isn't the world completely meaningless?


It does not matter if the above is true or not. Thinking like this makes you feel bad and perform worse. Patterns of thinking that make you feel bad and perform worse = mental condition/illness. 


"I honestly don't believe that we (whatever "we" are)have much, if any, control over our unconscious minds"

The above is crap, there are many many ways to train, control, manipulate the unconscious mind. It is a matter of learning to do it correctly.


"Thank you for your positive words. These DP groups seems so hopeless sometimes."


Participating  in DP/DR Forums/Groups has very little benefit, in the vast majority of cases they suck you into the condition, you have to leave DP/DR behind you!! The only usefulness of this is for when people first get the condition; it is useful to know you are not alone.


To finish, long term cases of DP/DR are rare, recovery time is also usually measured in months (although I have known other time scales). I have never known anybody who has not recovered (although I have read literature on this and there is no doubt a minority who have had this for a horrendously long time). I have never read of anybody who has died of old age still suffering from DP/DR.



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#28 carlos071471



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Posted 05 April 2013 - 06:56 PM

I agree 100% with mattv30....I have suffered from a HORRIBLE dp/dr for a year and a half after a traumatic event (bad stroke at the age of 39). I was literally non-functional for almost 5 months (due to the derealization and not the stroke) and here I am writing about so that people who suffer from this can convince themselves that this CAN be CURED. I did almost everything that mattv30 mentioned in his original post (with guidance from a counselor) and I can say I am 90% better....and boy, it feels GOOD!!!!


mattv30....thank you for sharing your experiences and techniques to help others because I know they work; they have worked for me!!!


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#29 Lonely Traveler

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Posted 08 September 2013 - 11:43 AM

I'm bumping this.

It's not a matter of a cure, it's a matter of distraction... that's all you can really do.

The thoughts still remain, lurking.  I can go out and socialize, I can get physical, I can distract myself with muscle pain from the gym, or camping and fishing.  I can do all these things, but...

Here's the big but.  Time is false.  A memory from an hour ago is just as in the past as a memory from 10 or 20 years ago.  It's gone, the moment is passed.  It feels like forever ago because, well it might as well be.

My body is actually doing better after a week of physical exercise, my mentality has changed.  This is my little body-machine and it's up to me to use it as I please, it doesn't put me back in an integrated state however.  If you were born in a car, learned to drive the car and never got out of the car, not unlike the allegory of the cave, that is your reality.  To me, DP is like some jerk coming along and opening the door, hell, it's like a car jacking, let's be honest.  That reality is gone.  You can get back into the car, you can drive it around, but you are no longer "at one" with it, it's no longer "you".  Everyone else... still stuck in that car and has no idea what else there is.


There is nothing you can do to go back.  Once that realization has been made, that's it.  You can control the anxiety, you can distract yourself from the awful truth, but that's it, you're fucked.  Yet, at the same time, it's literally door opening.  For the first time in my life, ART MAKES SENSE to me.  It's as if I can feel what tortured souls were trying to convey, especially if they "suffered from mental illness".  Religion... it makes sense, this is enlightenment, this is the "kingdom of god".  Check out the stories of the buddhas and "enlightened", it's always a result of crazy shit, of anxiety, fear, PTSD and then... sudden realization.  And there's a much deeper connection to all of it.  And I can tell what is utter utter trash.  I'm not sure it's a bad thing, it's scary though, because it's new and you crave the world of the cave and shadows.... I think the only real cure is acceptance of reality, acceptance of fate, and proceeding with the knowledge that most out there have no clue... yet, even to them, on some level it beckons them.  What the hell, use this and consider it a gift I guess... There's a fine line between genius and insanity, and that line is defined by what you make of it.


Deny it at your own peril.  As for me, I'm heading in for an eeg and mri tomorrow, so either my brain is fucked and I'm full of shit..... or, I'm on to something here.

#30 Lonely Traveler

Lonely Traveler


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Posted 09 September 2013 - 05:27 AM

aaaand, i'm fucked... eeg came back completely normal, even when I was triggering and going deep into crazy land thoughts.

#31 missjess


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Posted 09 September 2013 - 06:06 AM


You need to change your profile picture I think :) jet li looks like a clown

#32 Shashankcr7



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Posted 21 May 2017 - 01:35 AM

Hi.....to all who suffer from this disorder....

Firsty the most important thing that i want to tell is that 

why why why the fuck you guys are so weak

Always i visit this website all negative suff......"oh i have to live with this i am fucked up blaaaa blaaa blaa".

every one can recover from this.

you just do these things and you will get better in just one fucking week just one fucking week you start to feel a bit change in yourself...

1.Do not take medicine.

2.Just dont fucking thing about motherfucking DP not matter how hard it is but try as hard to not to thing about this.

3.Do everything you always want to do even if it will not give you as much fun as it used to be.

4.Listen to relaxing music......try to imagine the peace....try to get your emotions out......watch a movie even if you dont feel it..

               just fucking live.......go outside run a bike.....bicycle.....or something else....

               Make a beleive that work is god.......there is no reason to do the work......but still you have to get the work done

DP is not a bad thing it is a good thing......your brain is sooo fucking amazing that it is protecting itself from your level of anxiety and stress.........you know what all the people who get DP is soo much in love with there life before they have DP.......we all are awesome people mostly creative and amazing........AND PLEASE FUCKING TRUST ME THAT YOU WILL GET OUT OF THIS SHIT....






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