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Different Levels of DR

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#1 MobiusX


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Posted 19 April 2011 - 07:14 PM

Depersonalization is a hard mental disorder to describe the symptoms for even those who have it. Derealization is what I experience 24/7, it's how I've basically lived my entire life without being aware that it was a disorder (still not entirely convinced) that caused my surroundings to look and feel like a dream. What I describe as my experience with DR is what another say he does too, but it's hard to know if that person is really experiencing the same thing you are. I have depersonalization, but if I only have DR, even though it's 24/7, then I have dissociative disorder not otherwise specified, a so called less severe form of dissociative disorder, which in many cases, can turn up being DID. I think DR is way worse than DP. DP is just a feeling, DR is real, you really see the world as being strange, unfamiliar, like a dream. What are the worst symptoms of DR that someone can experience other than seeing the world as a dream? I have DP because I don't feel like I'm in myself, my own body, but I don't see myself from the ceiling. Are there stages in DR that leads the person to see the world as looking like as being in a dream? It probably starts just transient episodes, then leads to a habit. Does the external world look MORE unreal when you have it 24/7? Can you rate it? 5/10 seeing the world as a dream compared to 10/10. I can easily understand why DR would lead someone to commit suicide, I'm not suicidal, never was, it's not my style. But depression and no longer wanting to be in this world is how I feel. I don't want to exist anymore, I'm tired of playing this life game, every single day trapped in this dream, waiting for the moment until I can wake up again so I can experience reality.

#2 sunyata samsara

sunyata samsara

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Posted 20 April 2011 - 06:01 AM

I notice DR when i look at nature it looks dreamy and beautiful. Everything else i am tired of like you. I am sick of living in this society surrounded by materialists that are slaves to money and brainwashed by the media, government, religion and psychology. It is not a disorder.

#3 Visual


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Posted 20 April 2011 - 09:40 AM

There are ‘different levels’ of just about everything – including perception and consciousness.

For example, we learn that the sky is blue (much of the time). But how do you know that blue is the same from one person to the next? We don’t… perhaps it isn’t. It is a taught relationship that aids in building the ability to communicate between each other.

Other than the little nuances of language, it is irrelevant whether you call it blue, bleu, azur, glas, kék, blå, 蓝, or син. Any emotions with the word are through life’s experiences – which are as unique as the individual. Then there are remarkable people such as Helen Keller – what was blue to her?

DP/DR/dissociative disorders are unique to the individual. Even the causes are broad. One person can have the hell beat out of them and not develop a disorder, whereas someone can be spoken harshly to and fall apart for years.

The best you can do is find enjoyment in life and to contribute to enjoyment of others. When a disorder interferes, you have to work around it, retrain yourself, start afresh, etc … until something works and life gains hope and satisfaction. It is less of what goes on outside you as it is how you respond to it and feel about yourself.

Wish you success in your efforts

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