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Extreme anxiety, need help/advice!

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#1 Matt210


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Posted 23 December 2010 - 07:31 AM

Hi everyone,

I was a former frequest poster here after going through two bouts of severe DP - which I recovered from. I came back when I had a 3rd horrible bout of anxiety - this time with less DP, and more obsessive thoughts that I was going crazy. My memory was horrible, I felt like my thoughts made no sense, I felt like I couldn't tell what was real and what wasn't. I descended into a total breakdown - I couldn't function. But with hard work, and support from people at places like THIS form I recovered. That's why i'm back - because I know you are all such great people, and even though you may not specifically relate to my story, i'm hoping to find some help here.

I've developed a new obsessive fear - focused on a belief that I am hearing things! For the last couple months this fear has come and gone - i'll hear something that I am not sure is real and i'll test those around me to make sure i'm not hearing that "Did you just hear something? Sounded like a dog barking outside". Over these two months i've had a couple questionable incidents that really scared me - such as once I was playing a CD very quietly at my desk, and I stopped it - but forgot that I had. A few minutes later I felt like I could still hear that music quietly playing, but when I looked - it wasn't. The second was when I was standing near my desk and I heard the sound that a new e-mail had come in, but when I got to my desk - no e-mail there (others in the office have the same sound, so its possible they got one).

This has now exploded into a full blown obsession - i now spend so much of my time just listening - and wondering if every noise i'm hearing is made up. I'm so focused on every little noise that i'll ask my girlfriend "do you hear that" and it takes her like 5 minutes of focusing just to hear what i'm talking about. Our mind obviously has a filter where it filters out most background noise for us and only consciously processes what it believes are important. By obsessing, I am breaking this filter.

However - on top of this i've had a few really scary incidents where I feel like i really did hear something. I've had three nights in a row that as i'm lying in bed i feel like I can hear the sound of geese squawking - which at fist i thought might be real, but then it didn't go away for like 20 minutes. The other night I was at my parents and I felt like i hear the sound of a blowdryer or vaccuum cleaner start up in the distance, but no one else heard it. And this morning I thought I heard the faint sound of a police siren in the distance - I didn't ask my girlfriend if she could hear it too but im pretty positive it wasn't real.

Is it possible my anxious and obsessed mind is just creating these sounds because im so worried about hearing things? My mind has been quite powerful in the past - I remember one of my first obsessions was around robbers breaking into my house when I was young, and many nights I actually transformed the sounds of the house settling into the distinct sounds of footprints in my house?

Or am I just going nuts? I keep trying to calm myself my saying 'people who are going crazy dont know they are' and 'i'm not interacting to or responding to these sounds like a crazy person would'. But then my fear pops up and says "maybe this is just the beginning and soon i'll go totally crazy like that".

Help! Any thoughts or advice? Am i crazy???

#2 Visual


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Posted 23 December 2010 - 08:14 AM

No need to use the word ‘crazy’. It could be a number of things. I’ve experienced this at times.

Sometimes its sort of remembering things or ideas.

Sometimes my partner and I will hear the same thing – turns out to be a radio station (maybe you have heard of people picking up stations in their tooth fillings – do you have any metal fillings?).

There are forms of micro-seizures that will do this. And your anxiety will speed up brain activity.

There is also the effect of various emr’s that can trigger brain activities – and Toronto is a busy place. Note: There isn’t really debate the emr’s (cell phones, etc) affect the brain, but rather the question is whether it is harmful to health.

#3 Emir


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Posted 23 December 2010 - 09:16 AM


#4 babybowrain


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Posted 23 December 2010 - 02:27 PM

the sounds you heard that weren't there kind of sound like being really stressed out to me...I'm no expert though. You need to relax somehow. I'm working on this too!

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