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Posted 07 December 2009 - 06:33 PM

so every time i find a medication that works for me, it works for like a week and then starts to not be as effective. so you would think that a dose increase is needed right?? well, thats not the case. every freaking time i increase my dose it just suddenly makes my dp super mega bad. why would this happen? for instance, prozac klonopin combo worked great at first. thought i was getting better. started backsliding, increased prozac dose, mega dp/dr, had to stop. same story with my current lamictal/ativan combo. just inceased dose of lamictal last night an woke up with super bad dr and other weird stuff. why does this keep happening? also, my dad mentioned that rotting teeth might have an effect on your brain. i have an impacted wisdom tooth that has needed to come out for 5 years but i havent had the money. now it is just one big cavity. anyone know if that can cause neurological side effects

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Posted 07 December 2009 - 08:30 PM

A infection can have neurological side efffects actually. A person of my aquintence had a impacted tooth and seemed totally out of it while the infection was severe. This person had taken 150mg's of demerol throughout the day but i have seen this person take much more and not even look drowsy. So it wasent that plus demerol is super short acting.

Can you go to a free clinic or something like that? Atleast go and get it checked out to see if it is infected or not and if it is get a anti-biotic. Though anti-biotics can cause dp/dr like symptoms too it's a hell of alot better then a severe infection. And yes infections especially in the mouth are very dangerous.

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