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MDMA therapy?

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#61 Zee Deveel

Zee Deveel

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Posted 19 September 2009 - 05:35 PM

As someone that has done a crap load of MDMA in my time.

I would say that MDMA will only increase your anxiety and feelings of unreality. It's a lot of fun but it messes your head up pretty badly, I can't see that it could possibly help you.

Acid seems like it'd have a better chance of being beneficial, check out some literature on Timothy Leary if you're interested in that. He's a big advocate of using LSD to treat various conditions etc

Personally I'd stay away from the whole lot, my opinion is that your brain needs a rest, drugs are only going to cause more stress.

#62 boserer



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Posted 22 January 2013 - 04:19 PM

I'd like to add my two cents: 

MDMA is scheduled as a class A drug in the UK; it alters the way you think, feel and behave, and essentially acts as a buffer between you, your pain, and your world. I think it can have some positive effects; POSITIVE, if you keep the dose REALLY SMALL. 

Why do I say this? First of all, the reason it's scheduled is because it changes behaviour when it's abused. Like all the substances, abusers tend to take it for recreational puposes. You're intending to take it for medicinal purposes, so the same rule applies to MDMA as would to alcohol. You don't go out on a drunken bender if you're using a medicinal amount of alcohol. What you do with alcohol, is take a brandy to sleep when you're sick, because it calms the nervous system. 
Same rules apply. You're not going to get any lasting benefit from taking any substance, whether it's food, medicine, alcohol or drugs, just once. You'd need to apply that medicine over a long period of time, and for certain reasons. 

It's also worth noting that MDMA never made it as a pharmaceutical drug due to a legal technicality, ie. that the patent could never be resolved. 

My personal opinion of the drug is that it's a blessing, but like most blessings, it is mixed. YOU HAVE to be responsible if you're going to use MDMA, and although it's rarely if ever going to induce a panic attack, it should be treated with respect. 

My belief is that it could help lead you towards an emotional breakthrough. My early experience with MDMA was that it was the polar opposite to LSD and more or less 'cured' me of my teenage LSD induced psychosis; allowing me to 'repersonalize' and connect with my own emotions and others, however, on reflection I believe firmly that no drug in itself can help you repersonalize. Life is painful, and creating good relationships with people is the only way to really come to terms with that pain. 

From this perspective; be careful not to indulge your own emotions too much by using MDMA, it's a like getting high on your own supply. Building up love and trust is the best way to create stores of serotonin. Taking MDMA releases it - that's all. You're not getting high on the MDMA, you're getting high on chemicals you naturally manufacture, so be careful, and take it in small doses. 

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