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Anyone else with this?

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#1 Floaty



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Posted 26 November 2020 - 03:55 AM

So besides all the other feelings like unfamiliarity to your life and not feeling things are real, has anyone experianced what seems like you just disapearing? Currently, it seems my stuff has calmed down and im left with whatever...this is. Im always super aware of myself already, then suddenly, i get this feeling, or its more like LACK of feeling or anything at all and it like ceasing to exist. Like i am not aware for a few seconds. And it gets worse the more i think about it. The problem is, its hard not to focus on it because im trying to understand whats happenig to me or if its just my imagination just going to overdrive when i get too aware of myself. Its a bit terrifying and i had it recently for over an hour after trying to have a drink (alcohol). I also got it a bit ago after looking at my computer screen too long and it just felt like me nor my environment was actually happening in real time...its crazy.

#2 lost235


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Posted 26 November 2020 - 04:26 AM

You’re definitely not alone in this. I keep getting these attacks of like 10-30 seconds where I get super dizzy, and nothing looks real. And it’s not just like a regular “nothing feels real” sort of thing, it’s actually not being able to take in anything. This happens a lot when I’m in school. It’s when I haven’t thought about the dpdr for a while because I need to focus, and then looking up and almost getting chocked at my environment. Usually it’s when I look at my friends, and I get this sudden feeling like they’re literally not there, and I look around and nothings there. It’s like leaving my body for a few seconds, then not being able to come back completely. When I’m “gone” I look around and can’t tell where I am and it’s like I’m in a hallucination. By that point I’m so scared and chocked that there’s no way to ignore the feeling. It’s like suddenly I’m hit with reality and I just can’t believe it, so my brain shuts me back and denies everything existing. Idk it’s really weird.

I keep getting these weird moments of non-existence so I’m not sure how to fix it. But first and foremost I would advice you to not drink alcohol, at least for a bit because it seems to screw up someones brain for a bit. Personally I don’t drink alcohol anymore, because it really increases my feeling of dpdr. Now I’m sure you already know all that, but maybe try not to do it for the time being? I don’t know how much it disturbs you, but if it does I’d obviously advice you to stop for now. Also, if you’re going to look at the computer screen for a long time, try and look up every once and a while. I don’t know if these tips are super obvious to you, and they just don’t seem to work, but it works ok for me. If I have a class where I have to spend an hour looking at a computer, I try and make myself look up every 10 minutes. Just to kind of take on my environment for a bit. What room am I in? What kind of people are around me? How’s the temperature?
This is super difficult of course and could sometimes just build onto the dpdr, but after a while I feel like it helps a bit.

You’re definitely not alone feeling like that though. It’s honestly an everyday struggle for me. I guess the best thing to do is try and find solutions and work through the problem. It’s very difficult but in the end I think it’ll work out:)

#3 Floaty



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Posted 28 November 2020 - 02:33 AM

Hi Lost235,

Yeah i agree now that drinking will def make it worse. I just didnt think it would since it never did it before. I also agree that staring at my computer too long is making it worse too. I just wish it could be how it was before i ever experianced dpdr.
Im glad u seem to understand this same feeling. It literally feels like ceasing to exist.

#4 zigman


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Posted 29 November 2020 - 05:30 AM

I had too much alcohol one night and I sort of relapsed on my DP and I can relate to this post so much, haha. I wonder what’s wrong with my brain.

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