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Stupid question

DP Depression Question

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#1 Numb_1993


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Posted 09 August 2020 - 10:21 AM

Hello everybody - i struggle with strong depression and comorbid DP since 3 months now. A question which very often comes to my mind is: How is it possible to not be depressed with dp ? Like.. your emotions are numbed so for me that means you can't enjoy things as you can't feel joy so as a result of that you loose interest in things because.. usually you find interest in things that bring you a result of all that because everything fails to touch your emotions - how is anybody able to live like that ? It's just a question to maybe understand my/the condition a little better ! Would be thankful for some replies !

#2 Saibon


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Posted 09 August 2020 - 01:47 PM

Okay dp causes to lose/numb our emotions good bad bothways, now you are so extremely shocked with your condition that you are depressed, if you would feel dp and can also feel emotions like before you would have cried oceans for your condition but your numb emotions are stopping you from crying alot, so there should be some reaction, so it's hollow depression, with time you will accept this state and condition which will take you out of depression.

#3 Mayer-Gross


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Posted 09 August 2020 - 03:43 PM

In major depression you have vegetative symptoms like sleep problems, problems with appetite and also a disrupted affect you do not see in depersonalization. The affect is typically normal in depersonalization.


you can suffer from depersonalization in it primary from and with secondary major depression. The depression can likely be treated but depersonalization will stay.


You can have major depression with secondary symptoms of depersonalization. The symptoms of depersonalization will subside with the depression.


Only time, clinical experience and drug treatment can tell what type you are. 

#4 forestx5


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Posted 09 August 2020 - 09:56 PM

At age 17 I had powerful temporal lobe seizures.  My brain was short circuiting with about 30 epileptic discharges.  My EEGs are still abnormal almost 50 years later.

Without emotions, I was no longer able to live by "feel".  I had to rely on intellect.  I had to develop and trust my intellect.  There was nothing else.  My family seemed foreign/alien

because I had no emotional context with which to color them. My mind asked "are you sure they are your parents, because they are not the parents we remember", and I had to

say Yes, they are my parents and there will be no argument about it.  I had passions just like anyone else, until the seizures.  I didn't enjoy the activities anymore.  I did them anyway.

My mind asked "why are you doing this stuff.  It's not enjoyable."  And I replied "because I used to like it, and the only reason I don't like it now is because I lack the ability to feel. When

my emotions come back, I hope to enjoy life again.  I persisted and slowly I regained enough emotional capacity to live somewhat of a normal life.  At age 57, I found a case history

in a medical journal that explained i had been living with a rare epileptic syndrome and I was a worst case scenario because my post ictal psychosis had segued into an affective

disorder of major depression. So, at age 57 I was able to look back and explain the life I had lived since age 17.  It meant a great deal to be able to do that.  The epilepsy is in

remission.  I had ECT for the depression, and believe I have endured my last episode. I have been medication free for about 6 years now, and it has been smooth sailing.

I would say my dp was a function of the pathology in my temporal lobe. It was one of many symptoms that spun off the epilepsy and major depression.

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