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Anyone agree with this description of DPD?

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Posted 04 August 2020 - 08:07 AM

I just read this quote in a random paper on the corpus callosum and the split brain. It outlines perfectly what I I been struggling to communicate about my own experience:

"Finally, another way to look at this is in terms of ‘dissociation’, as in depersonalization (Phillips et al., 2001; Sierra et al., 2002). Perhaps the number of agents is not altered, but the agent feels depersonalized in some situations, and therefore no longer feels that they control the actions, or even experience the information, that has just occurred in their brain."

I feel as though I shut down to anger and when people are unkind to me I zone out for a few seconds. It is as if I am paranoid about what was just said and cannot be sure of what was just said. Perhaps this is an issue with the corpus callosum after emotional abuse, and skunk marijuana also damages this connection between the brain hemispheres. Anyone else have this experience in some way?

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